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First blog post

I’d be lying if I told you that I haven’t spent a long time thinking about how to start off my blog. The thought of introducing and talking about myself? Now I find that a little awkward, a bit embarrassing really. But here we go…who am I?

So clearly, this is my first post. This is me delving into something new and after 23 years of my life… well why not step into a new adventure now?

Let me introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Charlie, definitely not Charlotte, sometimes Lottie but preferably just Charlie. I come from Derbyshire, England and I am currently living with my other half and our growing family of tropical fish.

I studied travel and tourism with my head in the clouds dreaming of exotic resorts and exploring bustling cities. Instead, I work as a bakery store manager and as “every day” as this seems, I actually enjoy the job I do. Besides, who doesn’t want to work with the smell of fresh baked bread every day?

Unless you’re dieting… well then you’re screwed.

I am pretty sure blogs are supposed to have a theme to them. But let me be honest and tell you that this will generally be more of an every day life, things that pop into my head, inspiration and advice kinda blog. Whether it be cooking, beauty, gardening, sarcasm, reading, fish keeping, dining out, reviews maybe? We shall see.

Whatever this is, I do hope you stick around and visit often. If you have read this far, thank you and bare with me here! I’m new – be kind.

To those who did not get this far… you suck.

Charlie x

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