Thursday Thoughts

It's my day off today so Myles and I have been busy bees. I'm currently sat in our garden admiring my work. Who knew dead heading dahlias and salting slugs could be so fun? Although reading that back, it sounds slightly sinister.

Sometimes I feel too old for my age. Not many twenty three year olds enjoy pottering around their garden and spending mornings at garden centres. I feel at peace in the garden. At peace around plants and nature. I've always loved the outdoors. Fresh air, the smell of freshly cut grass and sound of birds twittering to one another.

I've finally fixed the motor on our solar fountain in the container pond. The running water calms me and the sound of Myles raking up the grass cuttings is oddly satisfying.

Here's the mini pond, my water lily is showing signs of flowering soon – oh the excitement!

It's a shame we have no area for a plant bed, but multiple terracotta containers surrounding our patio give it a cute look. Who knew planting pots would become a hobby of mine!

My bloodgood maple and begonias

I'm always looking for improvements to our little outdoor space. So please do let me know if you have any gardening tips for me!

Charlie x

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