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100 Things That Make Me Happy πŸ˜Š

Just to remind myself that the small things make a big difference. BTW That’s Chester! β™‘.

  1. Fresh bed sheets
  2. Walking on crunchy autumn leaves
  3. Dogs struggling to itch their scratch
  4. Reading a good book
  5. Exploring new places/travelling
  6. Planting/buying new plants
  7. Long leisurely walks
  8. Cocktails
  9. Having my fighter fish greet me when I go to their tanks
  10. Finding a new lipstick that suits me
  11. Walking by someone that smells like Myles and smiling to myself because it reminds me of him
  12. Before and afters
  13. Coffee
  14. Looking at family photos – new and old
  15. Thunderstorms
  16. Singing in the shower
  17. Having a good dark tan and seeing tan lines
  18. Waking up in the arms of my soulmate
  19. Fairy lights
  20. Giant or bold statement art/wall pieces
  21. Listening to the rain
  22. Having a cat curled in my lap
  23. Handwritten love notes
  24. Swinging on swings
  25. Anything romantic!
  26. Noticing my plants new growth
  27. Fur throws and blankets (faux of course)
  28. Roast dinners
  29. New lingerie
  30. Trying new skincare products
  31. Proper meaningful hugs that make me feel safe
  32. When we’re holding hands and he does that thumb stroke thing
  33. Looking around antique shops
  34. Listening to music
  35. Waking up to snow in the morning
  36. The words ‘haberdashery’ and ‘periwinkle’
  37. Anything Harry Potter related
  38. Intense, passionate kissing that makes me tingle
  39. Unexpected surprises
  40. Breakfast dates
  41. Tulips
  42. Home accessories and decor
  43. Painted nails
  44. Baggy tops
  45. Clean hair
  46. Clear skin
  47. Waking up naturally to no alarm
  48. Finding out something new or cute about Myles
  49. Breathing in cold air then breathing out ‘dragon breath’
  50. Icicles
  51. Heavily planted gardens
  52. Going to historic buildings and houses
  53. The heat hitting me when I step off a plane
  54. Sand between my toes
  55. Biscuits
  56. Palm trees lining a street
  57. Candles
  58. Drinking freezing cold water through a straw (and drinking more than 2 litres a day)
  59. Buying new clothes
  60. Eyeshadow palettes
  61. Coconuts – all five senses enjoy this
  62. Going to book stores/libraries
  63. People watching
  64. My family
  65. Getting into a new series
  66. My dressing gown (actually Myles’s but we share)
  67. Having shaved legs (But definitely not shaving them)
  68. Rivers and streams
  69. Cooking and baking
  70. Being creative
  71. Writing a blog post I’m proud of
  72. Being told I’m good at something
  73. Proper belly laughs
  74. Spontaneous days out
  75. Cute children’s clothes
  76. Sunsets
  77. Puppy kisses
  78. Christmas films
  79. Baby animals
  80. Sketching
  81. Warm summer days
  82. Cute texts
  83. Knowing that I’m safe and secure and loved by himΒ β™‘
  84. Popcorn
  85. When someone you don’t know is kind to you
  86. Autumn season
  87. Black and white photographs
  88. Watching my favourite film
  89. Dainty jewellery
  90. Black skinny jeans
  91. Snail mail and postcards
  92. Cardigans and cosy jumpers
  93. Open fireplaces
  94. Taking off my shoes when I get home
  95. Pregnant bellies
  96. Pretty handwriting
  97. Sitting outside in silence listening to birds and trees and the wind
  98. Bonfires
  99. Being told that I am loved
  100. Writing lists…


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