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Coconut Craze: What Are The Uses?


Coconut oil – the new “in-gredient”.

The uses are numerous, not only is it one of the most versatile health foods on the planet but can also extend to being a form of natural medicine, natural beauty treatments and so much more.

The coconut tree is considered the “tree of life” in much of Southeast Asia, India, the Philippines, and other tropical locations. And today, there are over 1,500 studies proving the health benefits of coconut oil.

My personal choice is Vita Coco, but any 100% organic coconut oil is great. You can get this at any supermarket and most beauty stores.

At room temperature, coconut is a solid, but it quickly melts when it comes into contact with hands.

I often use coconut oil as a makeup remover/cleanser. Just scoop some solid product up with a cotton pad and apply in circular motions around your face. The oil will melt and dissolve your makeup with ease, even waterproof mascara! It’s also a great face and body moisturiser, wrinkle reducer and lip balm.

Shaving cream has always seemed a pointless purchase to me. I always use this stuff instead. Say goodbye to razor burn, skin irritation and ingrown hairs because this tropical beauty will make you silky smoooooth…

I’ve always loved a good hair treatment. You guessed it! – coconut oil. Warm a large amount between your palms and run through dry hair. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before washing out with shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it make your hair super soft and silky, but it improves the health and strength too!

There’s literally hundreds of creative coconut oil uses you can try. I will list some other popular ones below:

  • Nutrient boost in smoothies
  • Replacement for olive oil in cooking
  • Creamer for your coffee
  • Improving teeth and gums by practicing oil pulling
  • Natural deodorant
  • Speed the healing of cuts, rashes, burns, etc
  • Massage oil
  • Sunburn remedy
  • Cold sore treatment
  • Nail cuticle oil
  • Makeup brush cleaner
  • Shoe shiner
  • To remove chewing gum from hair
  • Furniture polish
  • Eczema soother

It is a proper, all round, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial product that can almost tackle any problem. If you don’t already have a pot of this, I suggest you go and buy one. Honestly, just go and get it and I promise you will be amazed.

Tried it? Tell me what you think!

Charlie x

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