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My Eyebrow Tattoo Experience

In August 2016, I made the decision to get my eyebrows tattooed on. One year later here are my thoughts…

Eyebrows can really make or break a face.

I had started with Cara Delevingne style brows that just needed a bit of definition and a good tidy. I went to my local beauticians to get the latest craze – HD Brows.

After explaining that I didn’t want them too thin, I came out to find they had been butchered. I was left with very thin, very uneven and very patchy brows. The lady that did them told me I’d “have to buy an eyebrow pencil” for a bald patch she’d made. I was mortified.

After sobbing to a friend, I was recommended to a young lady called Michaela, who was fully trained in permanent cosmetics. I did a lot of research and finally got in contact with Michaela who gave me all the information I needed and booked me in.

These are my before brows – I did nothing to them for a full 8 weeks before going to Michaela:

Awful. I know!

When I first arrived at her studio, Michaela was warm and welcoming and talked me through the whole process before putting numbing cream across my brows.

We spent a good hour and a half matching my eyebrows, deciding on thickness and colour and the desired look I was going for. She didn’t lay a needle on me until I was 100% satisfied with my drawn on template.

Finally once she’d began to tattoo, I couldn’t really feel it at all, just the vibrations of the needle. All I could picture in my head was thick black slugs, but she talked me through what she was doing and I honestly felt so calm.

When it was all over and done I cried at my results. My new ‘happy brows’ had completely transformed my face and I felt like me again!

After! OMG!

I couldn’t get them wet for two to three weeks during the healing process, so no makeup helped my skin clear too.

Six weeks later I went for a top up for any missed spots or bits that had come away after healing.

One year on they have faded slightly but still look so natural and have kept their shape. I no longer go to a professional to get them threaded as it’s so easy to follow the tattoo outline on where to pluck myself.

They generally last for three years, but you can go and get them re-done whenever you are ready. I am soon going to be booking mine in for a top up just to get them more defined and possibly slightly darker. I shall keep you updated!

Before and after.

Overall, I would definitely recommend tattooed eyebrows – as long as you go to a fully qualified fully trained person! Do your research first! I’ve had so many complements since having them done and because they were lifted slightly, I do truly have a “happier” looking pair of eyes.

Plus no more drawing them in! ♡

What do you think?

Charlie x

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