My Top Three Skincare Products By Kiehl’s

For those that don’t know, Kiehl’s is a popular skincare brand that have been going since 1851. They produce a huge range of products from cleansers, scrubs and serums, to hair masks, shampoos and shaving products.

I first discovered Kiehl’s after reading Kourtney Kardashian’s beauty section on her blog. I read a few reviews online and instantly took a trip to Nottingham after being told they had opened a new store in the city centre.

My first purchase was Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It’s a great, lightweight moisturiser that absorbs quickly and is great to use under your foundation. It’s really hydrating and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy.

I’ve always suffered with dry skin. However, using this daily I have noticed that my skin is always soft and my foundation stays on longer, even in warm weather. I have tried various brands such as Clinique and Clarins, knowing that I would have to pay a little more to help my skin, but this is the only one that did the job and that I have repurchased numerous times.

My second fave Kiehl’s product is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. It’s a #1 best-seller and let me tell you, this definitely deserves that number 1 title!

You only need a few drops of this. Just remove your makeup, cleanse and tone and pop this on your face. It has a dropper top, which honestly makes me feel like I’m in Professor Snape’s third year potions class. (shout out to the Harry Potter fans reading this!)

It claims that you will wake up to fresher-feeling skin, which is more toned, and with improved radiance. I honestly believe that it does just that, in the morning it looks as though I’ve had a facial! Seriously in love with this oil.

The formula works by enhancing your skin’s natural night-time recovery process – so make your skin work whilst you sleep! One of the key ingredients is lavender essential oil that gives it a light, dreamy scent and helps you sleep.

Additionally the formula is not only paraben-free, but also 99.8% natural-derived. Some other key ingredients include Primrose Oil and Kiehl’s-signature ingredient squalane, derived from olives.

If you try one of these three products – make it this one! You won’t regret it!

My third favourite Kiehl’s product is their Ultra Facial Cleanser. It’s a very thick, creamy textured face wash that really really works. I use this everyday to wash my face and get rid of makeup.

It’s the only cleanser (wash on, wash off type) that gets 100% of my makeup off – including mascara. On the rare occasion I don’t use this, I emerge from the shower with Gene Simmons style panda eyes. With this, my face is as clean as a whistle and as soft as a babies butt! Plus it’s only £9!!

All three of these products have been re-purchased time and time again. I will continue to do so until I am old (and hopefully not so wrinkly thanks to them). My skin has never been better since using them and they’re such a pleasure to use if you’re a skincare fanatic like me. I always go back to these no matter what I try, and you should too!

Let me know if you’ve tried them ♡

Charlie x

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