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Currently Situated In: Torquay, Devon

This year I have come on my first UK based holiday in years. I’ve ended up with my parents and siblings in Torquay, where I spent a lot of my childhood in our old family home.

So this is the first time I’ve actually been to Torquay and stayed in a hotel. Therefore, I’ll be posting a lot from The Imperial Hotel, where I am currently sitting watching the sunset and blogging (as seen below).

The Imperial is a Victorian four-star hotel overlooking Torquay and the beautiful South Devon coastline. It has recently changed ownership and is currently being updated throughout, so far in the main guest areas and most expensive rooms. This is the very impressive lobby – large crystal chandeliers always impress me.

This was taken standing on the balcony just off the conservatory/bar – this is the hotels outdoor pool and a lovely view of Brixham’s coast.

My room is quite old fashioned to be honest and the bed is super uncomfortable, which is making me feel a bit groggy. But always trying to find a positive, so far – it is very quiet and I haven’t been disturbed during my stay so far.

I love how the hotel is situated in the cliffs, kind of overlooking the whole of Torbay. It is only a short walk from the main town and practically next door to Living Coasts – a coastal zoo and aquarium. In Torquay town there’s tonnes of restaurants and bars, gift shops, clothing shops and even a fair ground. It is a proper up and coming seaside town and on a hot day, can really feel like you’re holidaying abroad.

Stay tuned for more posts whilst I’m here! I’ll be taking a tonne of photos and visiting a lot within the next week ♡

Have you ever been to Torquay? Any places you recommend visiting?

Charlie x

P.s. Check my Instagram for more photos!

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