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Paignton Zoological Gardens 🐯

Being an animal lover I thoroughly enjoy going to the zoo, this is one of the loveliest zoos I’ve experienced recently. It is a combined zoo and botanic garden that welcomes over half a million visitors a year. The animals all look happy and healthy and are in large enclosures that don’t restrict their movement. In fact some are just in islands surrounded by water so that they aren’t in any type of cage at all.

There are over two thousand creatures here to get close to, indoor and outdoor play areas, gift shop, the Jungle Express train, loads of snack stations and eating areas, keeper talks, animal feeding sessions and six amazing animal habitats.

Even walking through the zoo it doesn’t really feel like one. It is that densely planted it almost feels like a nature trail, in fact I found myself taking photos of plants as well as animals!

Whilst we were here, we got to see baby lions, baby tigers and baby giraffes, it really shows the zoos great efforts of conservation.

I hate the idea of animals caged up and not in the wild, even though the wild doesn’t seem all that safe for them either anymore, with poaching and deforestation (us humans don’t seem that humane to me). Nevertheless, this zoo is part of South West Environmental Parks Ltd which is owned by the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT). WWCT also runs Living Coasts in Torquay and Newquay Zoo in Cornwall. All three are registered charities. I also read online that Paignton Zoo is:

A registered educational and scientific charity, committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry and welfare, to scientific research, education and the breeding and conservation of rare and endangered animal and plant species.

I’d definitely recommend this place, I was so impressed and would love to return again some day (even just for the plants!). The toco toucans were amazing to watch, almost as if they’d put on a show for us. This little guy showed us how he cleans that glorious beak of his by washing it and scratching the debris off against the branches.

(I love banana trees and tropical plants!)

In the lemur section, the keeper called some over and spoke about their habitats and feeding regime. They were so close, for those that have never seen one, it was a great experience to see how they move and look.

The baby orangutan was adorable!

Have you ever been to Paignton Zoo?

What was your favourite exhibit? 


See you next time ♡

Charlie x

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