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Pisces Traits: Am I A True Piscean?

Pisces Astrology February 19 – March 20

I thought this would be a fun post about whether or not I live up to being a true Pisces according to Pisces typical traits. I found these particular ones on zodiac-signs-astrology.com.

Myles and I are both Pisces and both very similar, so I thought it would be fun see what our strengths are weaknesses are and whether or not we’re true fish! In this post I’ve actually asked Myles to answer these for me. Let’s have a look…

My birthday – March 10th

Myles’s birthday – February 19th

Pisces Strength Keywords:

– Compassionate

– Adaptable

– Accepting

– Devoted

– Imaginative

I would have definitely had to ask Myles’s help as to whether or not I am compassionate or not, his response:

You care about so many things and it hurts you to see people sad. You’re forever checking up on people and put others needs before yourself.

When he puts it like that, I guess I am pretty compassionate, more so towards my loved ones I’d say. I’m pretty soft-hearted and tend to see the good in everyone which can sometimes make me vulnerable. I hate to see anyone upset, even if I’m not very good at comforting them.

Myles is definitely very compassionate, he can’t stand to see his loved ones upset, he’ll do anything to cheer me up when I need it. One of the many reasons why I’m so in love with him! (Soppy moment).

I personally think I am very adaptable, I’ve always been able to adjust quickly to new situations and conditions.

Myles’s response:

Definitely, you do well under pressure and you make do with what you’ve got and do the best you can in that situation.

Myles is very adaptable, he takes everything in his stride and does it confidently and without giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. I love this about him! I love that he can just get on with anything without any second thought. He inspires me to be more like this!

I think I’m pretty accepting, I automatically expect the best out of people, and am generally quite shocked when this isn’t always the case. I see the good in people before anything else and sometimes people take advantage of me for this.

Myles’s Response:

Yes you’re accepting, you deal with bullshit daily. You take criticism well and use it to improve, you listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision, you don’t stress yourself about the little things, you take it in your stride. You take what life throws about you, have a little cry and get on with it.

Guess you’re right there honey! I suppose in the job I do, I often have to be accepting. Although, I don’t agree on the not stressing about little things part – maybe I’m just good at covering that part. I believe that Myles is too. He accepts that I am who I am and he loves me regardless.

I believe that I am devoted. Devoted to Myles, my family, my animals, my job. If I love something or someone I will do my best to make sure it shows. When I’m in love I’m loyal and sorry Myles but you’re stuck with me forever now.

Myles’s opinion:

Devoted, just look at what you do for your bloody fish and plants, you’re reading! I wish you were more devoted to your drawing though.

I think Myles is pretty devoted too, once he’s set on something he’ll put his all into it.

I know I’m imaginative, I’m always thinking up new ideas whether it’s for the house, work even the garden.

Imaginative, just look at what you do with your tanks, plants and drawings! You made this house turn from a standard house into what we call home.

I’m not 100% sure if Myles is imaginative or not, he’s good at coming up with ideas though and always thinks of good days out.

Pisces Weakness Keywords:

– Oversensitive

– Indecisive

– Self-pitying

– Lazy

– Escapist

Ok I know I’m oversensitive. I take everything the wrong way, even if someone is having a bad day I presume it’s because of me.

Oversensitive, you are on your period yes, but that’d because you care! I and the fish can make you cry over the small things but that’s because you care so much and take it to heart.

Thanks babe! No it’s true to be honest, I cry at everything. Myles is only oversensitive when he’s tired or in a needy mood. If I’m tired too he thinks I’m in a bad mood with him.

I didn’t even ask Myles whether or not I’m indecisive, I know for a fact I am and I know for a fact Myles is too! We can never choose something without “I don’t know it’s up to you” or “I don’t mind, you pick”.

I don’t think either me or Myles are self pitying, here’s what Myles said about me:

I don’t think you’re too self pitying, you have had a lot of shit thrown your way in a short amount of time (me included because I’m your little shit) and you dealt with it well. Yeh you got upset and down but who the hell wouldn’t, others wouldn’t understand.

I wouldn’t say I am a lazy person, sometimes I can be (everyone needs a slob day) but I wouldn’t say it’s all that often. Myles is without question the most lazy one out of the two of us.

Far from lazy! Except when it comes to emptying the bin and the sink out

Can we just point out that I do empty the bin, except when he’s overfilled it and I can’t pick it up. I don’t empty the sink because it makes me gag touching wet food!

Why is being an escapist a Pisces weakness? Escapism is great! I love to lose myself in my books and become apart of that world, I find it relaxing to not be in a world of work, eat, sleep, repeat. I wouldn’t say Myles is an escapist really, he does get really into his video games and sports but I would say they’re more hobbies. We do sometimes think out loud together about our future but it’s more planning than escaping.

Myles’s response:

Escapist, you love to escape reality in books, films and through your hobbies! You do it because it makes you happy, you can dive into another reality and imagine yourself in it. You fully immerse yourself into it and I fucking love that about you. You’re one of a kind, one in a million and I’m proud to call you my girlfriend. I love you.

Oh my god. I love this guy way too much! Such a cutie!

That’s it for this post, gosh it’s so long! Thank you guys for reading, let me know what you think.

Also thank you to my lovely Myles for helping me out with this, it’s good to hear what you really think of me. I love you β™‘

Until next time…

Charlie x

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