Fenty Beauty Foundation: My Thoughts 💭

As all beauty lovers may know, Rihanna recently released her new makeup brand Fenty Beauty. If you saw in my previous post, I managed to get hold of the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation. So here are my thoughts after using it for most of this week…

Im sad to say that I wasn’t keen on this product, I really wanted to love this foundation, there are aspects that are great… but I’m afraid I’ll be going back to my Mac Studio Fix Fluid.

On first appearance, I love the packaging. The bottle is sleek frosted glass and has a pump and lid – very hygienic. It looks the biz and I was eager to get it on my face!

Shade: medium 200 (cool)

After my morning cleanse, tone and moisturise routine, I applied my usual primer and started to apply Fenty Foundation using a beauty blender. The foundation is very runny compared to many I’ve used before, as you can see from the photo below:

For saying it’s a medium to full coverage foundation, it is quite a thin consistency and takes quite a bit of product to cover my whole face. I’d say personally it is more of a light to medium coverage. It is a matte finish, which I love and my face feels amazingly smooth after I’ve applied it! The colour match is amazing and it looks almost like I have no makeup on, I have no lines and it blends in wonderful. To begin with, despite the coverage situation, I was in love.

However, it didn’t take long for me to realise that it was oxidising and my face got a lot darker. Not impressed. I am now patchy and orange guys – not good. Maybe if I got the shade lighter it wouldn’t be so bad?

At the end of my working day I come home and my skin looks awful. My foundation is orange around my hairline and eyebrows and has come off in oily slides everywhere else.

Can we just point out I did set this with loose powder before I went to work.

I’ve tried it for three days now. With and without moisturiser beforehand. With and without primer. With a different primer….

I’m sorry ladies, but I don’t love it. Each day I despised it more and each day I really wanted my trusted MAC foundation back.

That is my truthful opinion. Maybe I did something wrong? I don’t know. But years of trying to find a foundation I loved as much as or more as MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Fenty just didn’t make the cut.

Have you tried this yet? What did you think?

Charlie x

9 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Foundation: My Thoughts 💭

  1. Oh no! I’m really surprised by that. I’d be so worried about my foundation turning orange by the end of the day, especially if I was at work. I think I’ll be sticking with my trusted Maybelline foundation…

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