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My Favourite Place To Shop For Home Decor πŸ‘

After moving in with my boyfriend Myles, I’ve become obsessed with finding the best shops for home interior design. I love picking up cute, not so popular ornaments and one off pieces that you don’t normally see. Also, finding the cutest cushions and throws has become one of my things. So my favourite place at the minute is…


This is the sister store to TKMaxx that sell all the home design and furniture used in TXmaxx stores. They stock some super cute and unusual ornaments that you wouldn’t usually see in typical home stores and quite often they only have one or two in store. You can look online at TKMaxx too, but I prefer to go and look at the proper Homesense store in person as they don’t always stock everything at TKMaxx.

My favourite things to buy at Homesense include handmade ornaments, unusual photo frames, candles, pottery, framed pictures and wall art. They also have some pretty cute cushions and throws that I’ve not seen anywhere else before.

One piece I loved was this giant wall clock, I love the old look to it and the fact it is oversized makes it a great statement piece, especially on a gallery wall.

I love some of the more bizarre but beautiful items too, if only we had a bigger house to decorate!

I’d definitely recommend checking out one of their stores right now, they have some amazing Halloween items that I’ve never seen anywhere else before! Including spooky table wear, tea towels, cushions and skeleton snow globes!

This is my go to home store, I love that they stock so many different items and they are always adding new pieces, all for fairly reasonable prices.

I actually went today to get a few bits and bobs, it’s around 45 minutes to an hour away from our house – that’s how dedicated I am!

Here’s some of the items I brought:

Boring I know – but a potato masher Β£2.00 – we had mash potatoes for dinner. Watch out Bodger and Badger!

La Laguiole steak knives – Β£9.99

Can we just bare in mind that this steak knife block usually retails around Β£30-Β£45. La Laguiole is a very high quality brand and these particular knives are one of the top rated steak knives! – they come in all colours but grey is my fave and Myles prefers grey too πŸ˜€

Silver lobster in glass dome – Β£20

Glass dome decoration is very in right now and I have tried to resist buying the trend – we now have two. I love this lobster, it will eventually live on a shelf in our black and white downstairs toilet. I don’t know why I love this so much, maybe it’s because it’s different and it’s something you don’t really see everyday.

Although it was a small Homesense haul today, it was a successful one. I got two major things we needed! Well done me!

We still have a lot to get for our house, I’m doing our bedroom up so I want Myles to come with me to help pick lighting, art work, cushions and throws, he can’t wait. πŸ˜…

I am so excited to go visit nearer Christmas! We need a tree and decs as it’s our first Christmas together in the house.

I also nipped into Dunelm today and picked up a fitted sheet for our bed and this super cute new giraffe mug 😍 LOVE!

Have you got any other good home accessory/interior decor shop recommendations? I’d love to seek out some new ones!

Have you ever visited Homesense? Did you enjoy it as much as I do?

See you in the next post 😁

Charlie x

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