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Falling For Fall Tag

I saw this post over on Sarah’s blog and loved how adorable her answers were, I had to do this tag for myself. So here it is. I am so so soooo ‘typical white girl’ in love with Autumn, I love how the nights start to draw in sooner and the air feels crisp and fresh and makes your lungs sting a little when you draw a deep breath. Everything feels so much more cosy and I can genuinely feel the buzz building up inside me for the upcoming events in the last quarter of the year. At work, we have recently had mince pies in and the sheer excitement for Christmas is making me peek way too early, even over something so simple as a mince pie.

Lets get on with the questions…

Q1: What is your favourite fall scent?
I love the smell of bonfire toffee, this smell makes me instantly think of winter and more obviously, bonfire night. I always used to go to a big bonfire event when I was young and my dad used to always buy me homemade bonfire toffee made by Pat, my Gran’s next door neighbor. Ooooh pumkin spice is another one of my ultimate Autumn scents, I love Starbucks pumpkin spice latte!

Q2: Do you prefer apple stuff or pumpkin stuff?
Definitely a pumpkin girl, I love a good pumpkin soup and the smell of pumpkin spice makes my mouth water! Apples are only good in fruit salads and fairy liquid in my eyes.

Q3: What is the one thing that you look forward to every single fall?
Being warm and cosy all the time, wearing lots of layers, faux fur, knitwear and scarves. I love snuggling up within a cosy blanket in my PJ’s, hot choccie in hand and boyfriend cuddles when its cold outside. He’s like a portable radiator which makes it 100x better for someone as cold blooded as I am!

Q4: How do you like to spend the more chilly/cloudy days in fall?
Please see above. Although I do love a long Autumnal walk around somewhere pretty, we’re lucky where we live as there’s so many beautiful places to go walking, one being Calke Abbey – owned by the National Trust.

Q5: Which do you prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving?
I have only celebrated Thanksgiving once with friends in Florida, being from the UK, I didn’t fully understand really so Halloween it is. I love how mischievous Halloween is and seeing everyone make such an amazing effort to dress up and decorate their houses makes it so much more fun.

Q6: What is the one way you embrace the fall season?
Oooh, so many things to choose from. Starting my Christmas shopping, hiding all of my summer clothes and bringing out my knitwear and boots, jumper shopping… I do love a good pair of military style boots in Autumn. I also tend to burn more candles at this time of year, I think this is because I link in candles with being cosy and warm. I love reading a good book in this cosy snuggling state too.


Q7: What photo’s would you like to take this fall?
I really need more photos of Myles and I, maybe we could get a few on a walk around the countryside, the autumn colours would be an amazing backdrop.

Q8: Favourite childhood memory from this season?
I have so many good memories from this time of year. That one time when my stepdad blew up the whole garden with a rocket firework gone wrong. Going to firework displays with my family and my mum packing us hot chocolate and venison sausage and chutney burgers. When my auntie used to throw huge Halloween parties at her house and I used to go and help her to carve all the pumpkins out. When I dressed up as a witch and my mum made me a black bin liner cape. God I miss being a kid sometimes!

Q9: What is your favourite trend (fashion, makeup, etc) so far this season?
I love that a dark burgundy/berry lipstick and dark eye makeup is accepted more during winter. I also love wearing black clothes and other dark colours, generally this time of year, dark greens, mustard, burgundy and navy are in colours to wear so I always find new items for my wardrobe.

Q10: Describe what the fall weather really looks like where you live?
Where I live, the leaves are really starting to fall off the trees, so every tree lined street and garden is littered with an array of oranges and reds. The trees are starting to look bare and it wont be long before snow is resting upon their branches. The mornings are dark until around 7am at the minute and it goes dark not long after I get home from work. In fact, describing the weather right now is making me want to start using the slow cooker for fresh winter stews!

I really did enjoy completing this little quiz, I’m glad its not just me that’s obsessing with it. I feel like a proper Autumn Fan Girl sometimes! I’m dying to get down to TK Maxx now to buy another pumpkin spice scented candle!

Happy Autumn to you all!

Charlie x

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