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Brown Eyeliner

I absolutely love the perfect winged eyeliner, it’s such a classic, chic look that always looks elegant if it’s done right.

I used to do a small winged liner in black liquid liner every day, however, recently I feel like the black eyeliner can be a bit intense on a day to day basis, especially for work. So during these days at work or when I want to look a little more casual, I go for a simple brown eyeliner. It still looks as though you’ve made the effort of course, but offers a softer day time look that can still make those eyes pop. I find that brown eyeliner really compliments blue eyes especially!

I love that brown eyeliner is subtle enough to look natural but still adds the right depth to your “no makeup” look. My favourite one to use at the minute is MAC’s Eye Pencil Liner in the shade Coffee. I’d definitely recommend a pencil liner rather than a gel or liquid if you’re going to try out the brown. Any brown pencil liner will do the trick really, I just happened to be in MAC and fancied a change.

Because it is lighter than black eyeliner, it makes it so much easier to correct any mistakes. Even if there are some small smudges here and there, you can blend it in with your eyeshadow brush to create a soft, smokey look without going too dramatic for the daytime.

Sometimes black liner can make the lashes disappear or look clumped together, especially if it is quite thick and bold. Yet I find that brown liner make eyelashes look considerably longer and stand out a lot more. Even customers at work have commented on how much longer my lashes look – just from swapping from black to brown!

It’s a really great, understated product and is great for those who wear less makeup in summer too.

Have a go and let me know what you think in the comments!

Charlie x

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