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Things To Do When You’re Having An Off Day

Being the hormonal little swine that I am, I can quite often have an off day. You know those mornings when you wake up and even though nothing has happened, you feel sad or angry in some way. Kinda stroppy and moody. Well this is me at least once a week. My mother says it happens to all of us, but somehow I never see anyone as moody as I am. Anyway, in this post I thought I’d share what I prefer to do on those days (I say prefer as I’m usually stuck at work stomping about and generally being a moody Jude).

Stop Overthinking

I know it’s super hard, but I’m really good at overthinking and then overthinking about overthinking. Seriously, I could overthink for the Olympics and come away with a gold medal. To deter myself, I usually try to just block everything out of my mind and put my “positive cap” on. I find it a lot easier to do this when I keep myself busy or play music too loud for me to think.

Sometimes it works, sometimes I just accept that it is going to be one of those days and Myles is probably gonna catch my mood too.

Do Something Creative

I find that if I get into something crafty, I can really boost my mood. I do tend to sketch a lot and finding a subject or randomly doodling takes my mind right off whatever I’m stressing about.

If I have no motivation to write, draw, make or bake, I usually look on Pinterest to get inspiration and nine times out of ten I’m inspired and ready to get stuck in.

Watch Your Fave Film

My favourite films when I feel like this are generally in the rom/com, comedy, chick flick genre. If I’m in a crappy mood I love to just cabbage on the sofa with a good little mood boosting film. I love Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston and they’re usually in these type of films.

Failing that, Disney films and Harry Potter films are also a very good go to for me.

Have A Pamper Day

There’s no better feeling than having a lush hot bath with candles and bath bombs and a good book. Get everything clean, smooth, combed and silky and you feel 100% better instantly. I love skincare products so I’ll take a while to do a face mask, cleanse and tone, moisturise, hair treatments, the lot.

Read A Good Book

I find that reading is such a good way to escape your thoughts (and your mood). My favourite thing to do is grab a coffee, blankets and get all comfy and cosy and loose myself in a good book. Escaping reality is always a mood boost!

Get More Sleep

Sometimes my moods are that bad I just have to sleep it off. I try to get at least 8 hours per night but a nap with a cuddle always makes me ten times better.

It’s probably better for Myles to avoid me when I’m having an off day, but he’s the cutest little gem ever. He always makes sure I have everything I need, including hot water bottles, hot chocolates and plenty of kisses and cuddles – it often softens me up so I’m not a snappy chappy.

Other things to help my mood include seeing my mum and playing with puppies.

What do you do on your off days?

Charlie x

9 thoughts on “Things To Do When You’re Having An Off Day

  1. Those are some great things to do on your day off! I can totally relate to you on the over thinking part as i am such an over thinker i have to force myself stop thinking so much and focus on something else! when i feel negative, i love reading positive quotes on pinterest or watch my favourite youtubers vlogs and reading definitely puts me in a better mood! xx

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