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25 Things Us Girls All Had In Our Childhood Bedrooms

So as it turns out, there was a time long ago before pale grey walls, white bedding and Desenio framed prints – who knew, ay? I love reminiscing about my childhood and all the things that were so in around that time.

  1. A lava lamp that took approximately 362849 years to actually heat up and start working. But hey, it looked cute for the entire six months you had it.
  2. Torn out posters from your fave magazine – for me this started off as cute kittens and puppies from Girl Talk and ended with hunky topless snaps of Taylor Lautner from your new found Twilight obsession out of Mizz.
  3. A classic Gameboy that looked a lot like a nice concrete brick. Obviously there was Pokemon Red or Blue involved and one of those battery recharging pack because your mum was getting fed up of paying £4676 a week on fresh batteries for the damn thing.
  4. Polly Pocket – damn that girl loved to shop!
  5. Glow in the dark stars. Usually stuck to the ceiling with big globs of blu tac when you were eight, in the middle of the night one would drop on your bed and make you almost wet yourself.
  6. The Mouse Trap board game, you knew you’d never find all the pieces for that damn game again. Plus being an only child – not fun to play alone, however a great game for ‘games day’ on the last day of term.
  7. A large collection of Jacqueline Wilson books, mostly snapped up at the annual book fair at school. Tracey Beaker, The Illustrated Mum, and Double Trouble basically taught you everything you needed to know about the real world.
  8. A very bright duvet set featuring the Bang On The Door Groovy Chick who flounced around in a striped crop top and hot pink crop trousers.
  9. A slightly wonky, if not falling-apart wardrobe with at least seven peeling off stickers on it. What better way to snazz up a piece of crappy furniture than with some shinies from your latest sticker haul?
  10. A mini fridge that probably contained can of Panda Pop and Frube in once. You also probably realised that it’s kinda loud and kinda smelly but you’re going to pretend it’s really cool anyway.
  11. A super bulky stereo, probably from Woolworths! YAS to the Spice Girls and Britney Spears blasting out your bedroom window.
  12. A blow-up chair that was insanely uncomfortable to sit on and god help you if you tried to stand up again, especially in summer!
  13. Those gooey aliens in an egg with slime, you know damn well that we all tried to place them back to back to make alien babies.
  14. A bed with a desk underneath if you were mildly fancy or just a cheap bunk bed with the bottom bunk used as a ‘sofa’ for when your mates came over and you were playing Mario Super Party or watching your mum’s copy of Calendar Girls.
  15. A Robo Dog! Am I the only one who genuinely thought this was a real robot that was programmed to do exact doggie things? Why won’t you fetch you little bugger?
  16. An electronic pink Dear Diary for your first forray into blogging, of course.
  17. An address book for all those insanely important letters to all your friends that you needed to send. It would have probably included all your mates’ home phone numbers too but let’s be honest here, you knew those bad boys off by heart anyway.
  18. A dream catcher, because your bad dreams would have to be instantly whipped away by this crazy magical power circle that hung above your bed.
  19. Approximately 394 TY Beanie Babies all with protective tag covers on because those antiques are going to make you a bazillionaire some day.
  20. At least five pieces of pine furniture. Because was your childhood bedroom even really your childhood bedroom if you didn’t have a pine chest of drawers, bed, bedside table, and wardrobe?
  21. A pecking wooden woodpecker toy with crazy feather hair, you’d literally use it once then hello under the bed box.
  22. A beaded curtain to cover your doorway, so that you’d get a tooth cracking smack in the mouth whenever you wanted to leave or enter. Sassy.
  23. A light up spinning globe, obviously we still don’t understand why it needed to light up
  24. Some sort of sign with your name on the door, because heaven forbid your mum might forget whose bedroom was whose and leave your freshly washed Disney PJs on the wrong bed.
  25. A pair of crimpers. Holy guacamole, if you had a pair of these bad boys at your sleepover party, you were the talk of the town! Might as well be a hair stylist pro! You go, gal.

Seriously, if you didn’t have at least five of these items then I want a word with your parents. This stuff was the bees knees when I was a kiddo, I can’t help but wonder if I still have some glow in the dark stars stuffed away somewhere.

And yes, before you ask, the featured photo is me around 19 years ago being sassy as ever in my sunnies.

What was your fave thing about your childhood bedroom?

Charlie x

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