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Four Hottest Home & Interior Design Trends

Hi everyone,

In today’s post, I am taking inspiration from my Pinterest account. I LOVE this app, I use it daily too. Whether it be for fashion inspo, home decor or even wedding planning! (no I’m not engaged and yes Myles knows that the majority of unmarried women with Pinterest have a wedding planning board).

This post is dedicated to my Home Design board, I love getting design ideas from here and often save pins that I want to incorporate into our home. So here’s my favourites:

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are so in right now, almost every home decor instagram I follow has one and I’m currently collecting and searching for bits to create our own. Creating a gallery wall with your favorite prints, photos and art pieces can instantly elevate the style of any space. I love the personal touch it can add to a plain wall too. You can make it as big or small of an area as you like and its super easy and affordable! It may seem like a bit of a daunting project, as it’s not something you can really knock out in an hour or two. It does take time, preparation, and patience as you have to find the right wall, pick the perfect prints, photos or art then plan where everything will go.

Accumulating prints and pieces for your gallery wall can be a long process too, I’ve been collecting bits for a few months now and still can’t find things Myles and I both like. Having said that, it can be really fun too! I love going round shops looking for different bits to put up. The most successful gallery walls are definitely the ones that combine a variety of art mediums and frame styles, as they’re so much more interesting.

Bringing The Outdoor Inside

Bringing a touch of nature into your living spaces is so in right now, it really creates a contemporary design statement. Cacti in particular are the pot plant of choice right now, and for the less green fingered, faux plants has proved a popular alternative. Even plant prints and art is super in at the minute.

Adding plants and flowers to a room or any space immediately gives it soul and life, I love the that plants make the air cleaner too – see my house plant post to find out more. You can do as little or as much as you feel comfortable with – green is a great accent for pure white walls if you want to maintain a fairly minimal look…or you could add in lots of plants, prints and even go for wallpaper that has a botanical theme if you want to really go for a calming natural look. For me, I’ve just added a few potted plants in every room, my faves are aloe veras and bonsai trees, but I love having fresh-cut flowers inside too. I love the hanging plant pots and baskets indoors too, they’re great at filling in a plain corner in your home.

Fabrics and Texture

I love the cosy feel of mixed fabrics and textures in your home. The contrast of prints against a plain colour can make a bold statement and really draw attention to the space. You’re best to select a large-scale print with several colors since this will give you multiple options for mixing and matching. The fabrics should build off the colours in your original large-scale print, this helps everything to tie in together. I always pick one thing, for example a colourful painting or patterned cushion, then build from that.

Also, make sure to have a variation in texture as is just as important as mixing patterns, as texture can create visual depth. Texture can come from any variation of fabrics and materials, for example: exposed stitching or a fabric’s thickness can do the trick! Make sure that you counter big, bold patterns out with areas of solid color or neutral shades. The more patterns you mix in a room, the more you need to layer in visual relief so it doesn’t look too mental.

Minimalist Grey

I’ve seen this somewhere in almost everyone’s house recently, the white and grey minimalist look gives a calm, open vibe. I love how relaxing this colour scheme can be, especially in the bedroom.

Adding a slight pop of colour, whether it’s bold and bright or a pale blush, gives it such a chic and classic clean feel. Just because you’re opting for minimalism doesn’t mean you can’t play with colour, I love that the right colour choices can beautifully enhance a minimalistic design. My faves with white and grey right now are pale blush pink and bright yellow. The foolproof way to incorporate different colours without creating visual clutter, is to think about tone. Using quite a few different colours and patterns can work too if all of the colours have a similar, muted tone to tie them together. I really love this particular aesthetic as it’s incredibly versatile and easy to mix up if you wanted to.

Even if you prefer a room with barely any colour, it can still look incredibly chic and sophisticated due to its clean lines and thoughtful decor placement. If you prefer to go the black, white, and grey route, think about incorporating plants as your pop of colour. As I said above, they will breathe new life into the room without overwhelming the space.

So that’s it for this post. I’m so into these looks right now and I’m pretty sure that they’ll be a trend that will only stay in fashion. I love that all of these looks can be tied in together too. I’m really looking forward to decorating our bedroom, we’re going for the whole minimal thing, although – no pop of colour for us.

What do you think of these home interior looks?

Charlie x






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