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My Lazy Girl Life Hacks

Hi everyone,

As today is lazy Sunday, I thought it would be fun to share some of my lazy girl life hacks. Deep down inside, I am a seriously lazy person, I combat this by motivating myself. But sometimes a girl gotta be lazy and do her thang.


Sometimes I really don’t want to wash my hair, the ends are fine, it’s styled, I just wanna chill. But my roots are a grease fest… dry shampoo isn’t working anymore… so I just wash the top of my head! Scalp washing is a great way to get the oily/dirty part of your hair clean without unnecessarily drying out the rest of your hair with shampoo/wetting your hair.

  • Tie your hair into a low bun.
  • On dry hair rub a normal amount of shampoo into your roots and lather with wet hands.
  • Rinse out the shampoo over the bath or sink
  • Dry roots with hairdryer
  • Hair is clean and still styled! (in my case straight – yay!)


Sometimes I just cannot be bothered to iron my work shirts. Just the immense effort that has to go into getting the ironing board out and the iron! – lazy or what? Seriously though, I hate ironing. So I will hang my shirt in the bathroom and the steam from the shower usually “irons” out the main creases for me. Once this is done, I grab my trusty hair straighteners and get those collars looking sharp! Just clamp down and iron away.


You’ve had a long hard day, you get into bed and boom… you’ve forgotten to take your makeup off (or you’re just too lazy to wash your face at night?). Simple solution ladies – keep face wipes by your bed, you can even do it in the dark. Bliss. Just make sure you give your skin a good pampering in the morning!


Want curly hair but don’t want to section it all off? Do it the easy way! Tie your hair into a high ponytail and curl the pony! Once it’s all done, un-tie and love your 5 minute curls. I’ve tried this so many times and even with thick, long hair this works. It’s such a clever idea too, especially good for those who prefer just the ends of their hair curled.


No eye makeup remover? Use coconut oil or Vaseline. It dissolves eye makeup so easy and quick, I never buy proper makeup remover now! Just scoop some up onto a pad and wipe away, it does take a few pads to get completely makeup free, but it works! It’s great too, as the coconut oil especially, will moisturise those pretty eyes of yours and help fight wrinkles.

Prone to smelly feet? Scared your feet will sweat and stink out your new shoes? Use antibacterial gel! It kills the bacteria that causes the smell and keeps them clean and fresh. My Pops actually taught me this little hack for those sticky summer days. There’s nothing worse than having new shoes or fave shoes, that start to smell within the first wear. Get that gel on them, let it dry, smell fresh! – cucumber hand gel is my go to as it just smells so good!


This is just a small handful of lazy little tips and tricks. I would love to know that you guys use some of these things too! Let me know in the comments below!

Also, don’t forget to let me in on your lazy girl hacks!

Charlie x

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13 thoughts on “My Lazy Girl Life Hacks

  1. Love this post! 😊 Haha I identify myself in many of these scenarios… I especially hate ironing. What I usually do when I don’t feel like ironing is to put on my shirt and “iron” it with my hairdryer 🙈 I will definitely try the curling thing!

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