Oh Gosh, Another Shopping Haul!

I say oh gosh like I’m surprised by my shopping habits, but let’s face it – I’ve always been a shopaholic. I’m so into making a house a home right now and plus, I have been buying the odd Christmas gift too! Today I went shopping with my Mumma and Nona to grab a few bits and pieces and golly I am proud of myself, I actually brought so much!

Obviously, as most of you are aware, TK Maxx is my fave and was top of the list of shops to go to, I wanted to show you guys what I brought.

I am totally obsessed with scented candles. They just feel so cosy and warm and cute and make the house smell so heavenly! TK Maxx is by far the best place to pick up a few new ones, especially if you’re after seasonal scents. Today I brought three candles from here, two for me and one for my colleague as part of her secret santa gift.

They’re all by DW Home and all smell sensational. White Christmas is a fresh winter smell, hard to describe really, but gorgeous none the less. I love the packaging and the lid is silver and sparkly – very festive.

Pinot Noir smells just like a fresh bottle of red wine being opened, I love this candle, I just know that my work friend Sarah will love this too. I can’t wait to give it her for Christmas!

White Pumpkin is a candle you may have seen in my TK Maxx Haul post. I am obsessed with this candle, I’ve never smelt one so good and for £2.99, it’s a no brainer to buy a second!

I’m super happy to have found this tiny little photo frame in TK Maxx today. I’ve been looking for a small one for so long, this photo of my mumma and I has been resting on our picture shelf since we put it up. I’m so glad it’s finally got a pretty little frame to sit in now. They had quite a few in black and cream, I may grab another one next time I’m in store for my bedside table. Only £2.99, fab!

This adorable bow tie set is a Christmas gift for my stepdad! I can’t wait for him to open it, he usually wears a bow tie to our Christmas lunch and this one is so fitting. If I was a guy, I’d 100% have this for Christmas, maybe I could get one for myself and transform it into a hair bow!

Ive been looking for a decent charcoal face mask for ages. I saw this Canaan one for £2.99 in the beauty section and thought well why not. I’m well into skincare products and trying out newbies! One of the ingredients listed is Dunaliella algae, which I’ve not heard of before. Apparently, it helps to keep skin clear, refined and healthier looking. Can’t wait to give this a try.

I picked up this Post Party Recovery Pamper Pack for Sarah’s Christmas present too. She’s always out partying with her heels on, I can’t imagine how much she’d need this after a good night out! It’s by Dicken’s and Hawthorne and has three steps to it, bath soak, body scrub and body butter. All in a scrumptious peppermint candy scent for a refreshing Pamper sesh.

This grey wooden heart tray was also a great find today, I’ve been looking for a tray to do a Christmas table centre piece in for a while. Obviously, in this picture I’ve just placed my white Christmas candle in for now, with some pinecones I picked up today too. I’m going to get three difference sized hurricane vases with large candles in to put in and some Christmas garland for the bottom. Similar to this photo I found on Pinterest, which was actually my inspiration for this:

I could also do an autumnal one too! Super cute! It’s that sense of hygge again, anything like this really makes me happy. It’s so simple to do too, Pinterest do offer some amazing ideas.

This pack of two Christmas tea towels were £3.50 from Primark! I love anything with a Pom Pom trim, it’s so in at the minute and the little embroidered gingerbread men are so sweet. Myles is going to think I’ve gone mad when he sees these – Christmas has suddenly become my new fixation, anything Christmassy for the house and I’ve got my hands on it.

These face mask sheets are also from Primark, they’re gold/silver holographic sheets that I had to get for a couple of my girls at work! They’re so extra! I love them! I thought £3 was a bit steep for one face mask, especially for Primark. Then again, I’ve never seen any like these before. They do a whole range of sheet face masks, even ones that give you a cat face!

That’s all I brought in today’s girls shopping trip, however I did buy a few bits online this morning. Including Christmas stockings for Myles and I, a few gifts for my cousins – Millie and Primrose (hiya babes!) and two ceiling lamp shades for our sitting room from MADE.

Have any of you lovelies started on your Christmas shopping yet? My mum has already wrapped some of hers! Very organised. I love this time of year, I can really feel the excitement starting to bubble up inside me. I love buying and giving gifts to people I love, seeing their faces light up and really spoiling someone is what I live for.

Until next time!

Love Charlie x

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