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Sitting Room Tour – Little Snippets

Hi everyone,

I wanted to do something a little bit different with today’s post, so I thought I would show you around our sitting room and show you a bit of what it looks like and what we have in it. I’ve been buying a lot of home accessories and furnishings recently, I love jazzing up the place and making it feel more homely. So here’s to showing you a bit more of the behind the scenes of where I prefer to write up my posts.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might have noticed that I am a big fan of neutral colours, especially pale grey and cream. The colour scheme in our sitting room is one that Myles picked out before I moved in – orange. I would never have picked this myself, however it has grown on me a lot, especially over the autumn season. It does feel warm and cosy to be fair to him.

I’ve got some ideas for this room and it’s not quite the finished product yet. Even so, I still thought that I could show you around a little bit so I do hope you find this interesting.

Our downstairs is actually all open plan, sitting room, dining area and kitchen in one. So the colours kind of run throughout the downstairs, eventually (if Myles lets me) I’d love to decorate and furnish the whole house in that grey/white/silver/black theme, however that’s a long way off from now.

Everything but the little monk/Buddha here is from TK Maxx – what a surprise! The Dog De Bordeaux in the first photo is my mother in-laws baby, called Weller. He’s the sweetest, clumsiest little lump that often comes for sleepovers at our house. The other photo is of Myles and I was taken at my friends wedding this year. I love how different and detailed these frames are.

Pumpkin spice scented candles are my ultimate faves, as you may already know! I have two here because I love them and well… they’re orange and go with the room.

The little Buddha figure is something I absolutely adore. I brought him from this online store as I love all things Japanese. Their culture is just so fascinating, I’ve always been intrigued by it. They do some really cute wooden Japanese dolls, I’m sort of tempted to buy more after Christmas!

The opposite side of the entertainment centre/tv stand is my pride and joy – my betta sorority tank. I have ten betta females living in harmony with one otocinclus catfish. I’ve worked so hard to plant this tank up with live plants and make sure each fish is well looked after.

Fish keeping is my passion, I actually have a whole Instagram showcasing my gorgeous babies and this isn’t my only tank!

Herbie’s tank is on our kitchen counter, now he really is my baby. He’s a male halfmoon betta who lives with three pygmy corydoras (Fred, George and Percy) you can see one on the left.

We have a really tall shelving unit from Ikea, the bottom half is full of my books – as you can tell I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan. The top half of the shelves is full of dvds and yes they are in some sort of OCD order (Disney, chick flicks, box sets).

My yucca plant that is showing signs of dying, I’m gutted, I love this plant! There’s also different plants in our kitchen window. The rose was a gift from Myles the other day, not my usual succulent type plant, but still beautiful, he’s so thoughtful bless him.

An original oil painting by Stewart Wilson, he’s actually my Gramps! I chose this from his studio to bring together the orange theme in our sitting area. Visit his website for more paintings!

Cosy throws and blankets are my thing. Myles already had this cute orange tassel throw and I brought my fave fur throw from my room at my mums house. Both from Next.

Our picture shelves are one of my fave areas of our downstairs living space. There’s photos of Myles and I, a photo of us each with our mums, a beautiful blue agate stone, handmade wooden elephants I brought from Etsy, wire fairy lights, a postcard my mum got me and a picture describing us! I love this because it’s so personal to us and it’s the first thing you see as you come in through from the hallway.

So there are some snippets of our downstairs, I hope you enjoyed this post! Slightly different, but I thought it would be interesting to see, I love reading these type of posts from fellow bloggers for inspiration, so I thought I would show my own.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if you like these type of posts!

Thanks for reading!

Charlie x

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