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You Know You’re A Beauty Blogger When…

Ever since becoming a blogger, I’ve found myself doing certain things regarding beauty, that I can only assume other beauty bloggers can understand. Whilst I don’t exclusively blog about beauty, I have found that I have become a little obsessed with a few things. I’m pretty sure I used to be just your average makeup lover. However, now I’ve realised what a full on beauty junkie I actually am. Seriously, you should see my dressing table and every draw upstairs possible, I’ve become a beauty hoarder – sorry Myles!

So I thought it’d be fun to collect everything that I have recently discovered to share with you. I can guarantee that some of you can relate to this, if not – I hope this makes you laugh!


You Know You’re A Beauty Blogger When…

• It’s near impossible to walk through a beauty store without picking up a new lipstick or at least coming out with about ten swatches down your arm

• You constantly find yourself searching for different nail colours, I’m always looking for the perfect red, I own about fifty red nail varnishes!

• The thought of trying out a new toner or moisturiser gets you out of bed in the morning

• You remove your existing makeup to try out a new one you just brought, even though it will be a waste of makeup, the struggle is real!

• You scan the pages of magazines for the makeup ads instead of the actual articles (and then take photos to remind you to google later)

• You have a beauty or makeup board on Pinterest and you spend way too much time pinning things to it

• You start running out of room to store your makeup or you buy that many makeup storage units that you have no where to put those either

• There are random makeup products swatched all over your hands by the time you leave Boots or Debenhams Beauty

• News of new makeup being released in the U.K. is the most exciting part of your week

• You know how to contour your face to make you look as though you lost ten pounds over night

• The people working at your local beauty store know your name and show you their new stock when you go in

• You spend hours reading or watching makeup tutorials and beauty regimes

• You know MAC lipstick colours by name – try me!


• All of your extra cash goes towards makeup and skincare purchases

• It’s totally normal to wear a full face of makeup for a quick trip to Sainsbury’s – how could you leave the house without your game face on?

• You own at least 12 different mascaras, 14 different lipsticks and at least 3 eye shadows palettes

• You’d rather spend the afternoon taking photos of different products for future posts instead of going out with bae – unless going out involves stopping by MAC or Debenhams!


Are you a beauty blogger or just a beauty addict in general like me? If so, please say you can relate to any of these and I’m not a total nutcase!

See you in the next post!

Charlie 💋 x

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