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Preparing For Christmas


Yep, it’s nearly here guys, that magic is forming in the air again, ready for Christmas! At only five weeks away, I’m already staying organised and getting prepared for the big day. So here in this post, are my tips for doing the same, I’ll be focusing on two main subjects: presents and decorations.

As everyone knows, Christmas can be an extremely stressful time of year. The effort that goes in to making things perfect can be so tiring that it makes you wonder if it’s really worth it. Let me just say – yes it damn well is worth it. I have come up with some handy tips to help everyone keep stress to a minimum and have a wonderful jolly Christmas. Let’s get to it!


First things first, get yourself a notebook and pen, make a list of everyone you are going to be buying gifts for this year and a budget for each person. You can buy super cute christmas shopping planners like this scandi style one from Paperchase:

If you’re a tech-wiz, I’d get yourself prepared by downloading the app “Manage Christmas”. You can do exactly as I’ve said above and it is clever enough to deduct money spent so you can work out how much you have left to spend on each person. I am obsessed with this app, it’s so useful and help keep track of your gifts as well as your money.


Buy little and often, for me this is easy as I am paid weekly. Each week I buy a few bits and bobs for different people to add to their present bags. Sometimes I do one person per week depending on if I know what to get them. I find that this way, you can start super early and enjoy finding the right gifts for people. Personally I start my Christmas shopping in early October just so I can beat that Christmas rush around December and stay on top of my game.

Get inspiration before you start splashing the cash, often I find myself basing my gifts to people on a theme such as their hobbies or interests. This way I know that they’ll love what I’ve gifted to them and I don’t have to panic whether or not they like their prezzies. Sometimes it’s not that easy, so I tend to listen out for things they say they like and quickly jot them down. Get yourself on Pinterest for gift ideas if you’re struggling, there’s some great homemade gift ideas that work out really cheap but looks like a lot of effort went into them! I’m a huge fan of gift in a jar pins!


Wrap gifts as you buy them, not only will it stop any eyes from sneaking a peek, but will also save you time nearer Christmas. I work very long hours during the Christmas period, as do most people working in food or retail, I find this really helps me to stay calm and not stress nearer the day. Sometimes I buy bags and tag them for each person ready, once they’re full, they’re sealed and done.


This year will be my first Christmas living with Myles and so we are decorating for the first time. I have found, by trial and error, that coming up with a theme and sticking to it is the best way to begin. Make sure you both agree on this before you start buying your decorations! Our Christmas decor theme is Nordic/Scandi style – think red, white and grey, very cute and cosy. So like the presents, I’ve been buying little and often and mostly from Amazon!


I love anything handmade and sentimental, making your own Christmas decorations can be a great way to spending time with your partner or little ones. You can even make some for your family and friends as a personalised gift too! There’s lots of different routes you can go down when getting crafty, whether you choose salt dough or pom poms, it’s entirely up to you. Lots of craft stores sell craft sets to help you get started, or you can do it yourself entirely by shopping about on eBay and Amazon.


Organise your Christmas decorations when putting them into storage! This makes such a huge difference when you come to get everything up again the following year. I’ve got myself these great decoration storage boxes that keep everything separate and will make life ten times easier when I come to decorate next year. Each decoration has its own section and lights are wrapped neatly with no chance of tangling. There’s nothing worse than spending hours detangling fairy lights or finding half of your baubles damaged. These boxes are so worth it and can be purchased for as little as ยฃ5!




Donโ€™t decorate too early. I made this mistake at work last year and very quickly got bored of Christmas by the time it came around. I’m dying to put up our decorations at home but Myles is refusing to let me until December 1st – in a way I love this, as each day that goes by, I get more and more excited to put the tree up and turn our home into Santa’s grotto!


Even if you only use one of these tips, I can guarantee your Christmas stress levels will be a lot lower than previous years! Whatever you do this Christmas, just remember that it’s all about love and family and sharing moments together. Forget stressing about the perfect present or the perfect wreath, just enjoy yourselves!

If you have any more tips on how to organise yourself during Christmas, then please share in the comments below! I’d love to add more to my list!

Love Charlie x

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