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My Three Fave Highlighters

Ok ladies, as you know, beauty trends can come and go, but I feel that luminous, healthy skin and three-dimensional cheekbones are here to stay! I’m talking about this highlighting, strobing, glowing thing – whatever you want to call it.

I love that a highlighter can attract light to your face and create the illusion of brightness and height. It goes hand in hand with contouring, just apply to the parts of the face you want to bring forward, your cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, and wherever else you might want! Obviously, contouring is the opposite, darker matte shades in the places you want to push back, for example, the hollows of your cheeks, down the sides of the nose, forehead and again wherever else you might need.

It isn’t exactly an elaborate process or entirely new skill to add to your beauty regime. Just simply an extra step that brings attention to your stand out areas like we said above – your cheekbones, brow bones, nose and cupid’s bow by making them pop and glow. I have picked out my top three fave highlighters from my collection, typical me – they’re all by MAC.

So starting with my ultimate fave…

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish – Soft & Gentle

Okay, so where do I start with this product, there’s just so much to say. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a metallic finish mineral powder that is used for adding a desired glow to the skin. This highlighting product that can be used anywhere you want to add some radiance to your face or body, I’ve used it on my legs and collar bones before now. The reason I love it so much is because it highlights my skin unlike any other product I’ve ever used. The powder is very finely milled and exceptionally pigmented so I only need to dab my brush very lightly on the powder to achieve the desired effect. With this being said, this product lasts an absolute lifetime. This is the first one that I purchased about a year ago and I use it probably every other day, so as you can see, it’s definitely worth its hefty £24.50 price tag.

MAC describe the shade Soft & Gentle as a ‘gilded peach bronze’ and although I agree there’s hints of peach and bronze running through it, I’d say its more pearl/champagne toned with hints of pink in there too. Almost rose gold if you like, very similar to a bronzer, but with that added glow. It’s such a pretty shade and you can really see the various tones running through it, great for all skin tones.

I have read reviews in the past where they’ve mentioned that its quite a glittery powder. Yes I do agree that it does have a touch of very fine glitter to it, but nothing that would shout disco queen if you were to wear it during the day. It gives a nice dewy sheen to my skin and whenever I wear it, I feel like my complexion looks ten times better and I look much more radiant and fresh. As I said earlier, its definitely the best highlighting product I’ve ever tried. So, if you’re looking to add a highlighter to your makeup collection, look no further. I don’t really have a bad word to say about it!

MAC Minerialize Skinfinish – Lightscapade

This is probably on par with my ultimate fave highlighter, I LOVE this product, it’s so versatile. As you can see from the name, it’s a metallic finish mineral powder the same as Soft & Gentle, used for adding glow to the skin. Unlike the rose gold tones that Soft & Gentle give, Lightscapade is more silver than golden with a very soft and fine multidimensional shimmer, not a glitter. If you look closely, it has multiple colours running through it, purples and blues, these give it that mystical, multidimensional shine. It is a gorgeous highlighter, especially for the fairer skin tone since it gives such a white sheen. Again, this highlight is £24.50 but well worth the price.

I love using this all over – brow bones, cheek bones, cupids bow, nose, inside of the eyes, collar bones, all over. It really does glow! Whenever I put this across my cupids bow, my lips look so much more plump and kissable (if I do say so myself). The only bad thing I’d have to say about this is when I messed up – don’t over do it. You will look galactic! I did my makeup in a rush and in bad lighting and when I stepped out my cheek bones looked almost purple and I did have a good giggle before toning it down with a baby wipe and some skin toned setting powder.

Out of the three I am mentioning in this post, it is the most versatile and least glittery, more of a subtle shimmer. I’m on my second lot!

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish – DoubleGleam

Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters were made for the In The Spotlight collection – radiant skin in a flash, no matter what the lighting conditions are. It is a liquid-powder highlighter that gives a luminous, well-defined finish that sculpts and highlights your face perfectly.

When I brought mine, there were four shades to chose from. I went for DoubleGleam – a light champagne-beige with silver-champagne duochrome in a luminous pearlized finish. It was a new shade when purchased and has since been made permanent. It has a lightweight, silky texture, and goes on so smoothly and evenly, the high pigmentation and opaque colour really pay-off and it can be layered and blended out really easily. It is lighter and more gold than Soft & Gentle, and much lighter and warmer than Lightscapade is.

MAC describes DoubleGleam as a beige colour that breaks silver once put on your skin. The others were called Soft Frost – white that breaks violet, Beaming Blush – a pink that breaks gold and last but not least Show Gold – a peach that breaks pink. Personally I think that duo-chrome is a lot harder to wear in day to day life and I would probably not do so. However, comparing the colour swatches online, DoubleGleam might be the easiest of them to wear. Soft Frost with the violet sheen, is definitely the most out there out of all of them.

It is a very nice beige highlight that reflects quite a bit silver and cool tones which make it suitable for fairer skin. I find it to be a nice consistency, it’s not too powdery and not too creamy either, it’s quite hard to the touch but applies beautifully onto the skin. I would love it a lot more if it wasn’t as glittery, however I think that is the whole idea of this highlight – it’s supposed to make you look extra! I love wearing this on a night out. Again, this is £24.50 and won the Best Beauty Style award for 2017! I definitely recommend this little gem for your beauty collection.

That’s it for my Top Three MAC Highlighters! Which is your favourite?


Love Charlie x

3 thoughts on “My Three Fave Highlighters

  1. I haven’t tried any of them but from the pictures and description I like the MAC Minerialize Skinfinish – Lightscapade. It seems a great product. Must have a proper look at MAC. Thanks for sharing. I absolutely like MAC for lipsticks.

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