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Christmas Decor & Day 1 Of Blogmas!

It’s December 1st and I’ve just finished putting up all of our Christmas decorations at home! I’m so in love with the tree, even though there are a few more little bits I want to add. Anyway thought I’d show you guys what we’ve got so far! We have done a Nordic/Scandinavian style Christmas tree this year, based on the fact that I’m not a fan of normal baubles and I liked a lot of the Nordic style trees I searched on Pinterest. When I say we decided a theme – I’m pretty such it was just me… there’s a lot of odd bits added on that I’ve been collecting for a few years… plus Myles doesn’t do design!

By the way – This is the start of my BLOGMAS!

I decided to just go ahead and do it. Not every post will be Christmas related, but there will be a post every day! SO EXCITING! So welcome to day 1 of the first Blogmas on Speedy Gone Charlie, lets have a look at this tree of ours then…

Handmade Grinch Hearts

I brought these super cute handmade hearts a few years ago from eBay, I love The Grinch and was actually searching for material to make my own cushion cases at the time. When looking for the material, I came across these and had to bid on them! I’m so impressed with them, I love that they’re a one off and no one has the exact same ones. Here is a similar one I’ve found on eBay.

Gisela Graham Decorations

As our theme for the tree is Nordic, I got a few of these beautiful Gisela Graham decorations. She is pretty much the queen of Nordic style Christmas decs and I love the variety of products she creates. If anything made me chose to do a Nordic theme, its these beautiful pieces.

Pine Cones

There is something about these pretty little pine cones that screams Christmas to me. Maybe it’s because they remind me of the winter walks our family takes or maybe I just have a new found love for pine cones? Who knows, they’re on our tree anyway.


Disney Decorations

My mum started buying me these a few years ago, I love them! They’re super cute and remind me so much of being a child of course. Great for any Disney fanatic! They sell thousands of different sorts every year!

Pom Pom Garland

I’ve never seen this on a tree before, it was on a couple of trees I liked on Pinterest so I just went for it. I got the garland from eBay in white, it reminds me of the popcorn garland that used to be popular a few years ago. Plus it looks like snow – cute!


Harry Potter Baubles

You have no idea how long I’ve wanted these for, on Thursday I finally found them in my local Primark and I am in love! They’re large glass balls filled with lots of glitter and a Harry Potter ribbon on top! ADORABLE! They were £5 each and I got four…


I love the sound of bells ringing, they remind me so much of Christmas and the bells that surround Santa’s sleigh. I love that every time I knock the tree, the little bells ring. These white snowflake bells came from Amazon, I’m tempted to purchase some more I’ve seen in my local gift shop that are red and green patterned.


Starbucks Decorations

I’ve had these a few years now too, each year my mum buys me one as a stocking filler and I’m so glad they go with our theme. I’m a huge Starbucks lover, coffee is life, they do the best food and the greatest mugs. I have over twenty Starbucks mugs in our cupboard, I love the quality and designs, especially the Christmas and destination ones. I was half tempted to buy a couple of the Starbucks Christmas espresso mugs and tie them to the tree too.

The Actual Tree 

I got this tree from Argos as I was searching for a pre-lit, skinny pencil tree due to the fact that we have limited space in out living area. I love this one, for only £29.99 too, it’s a steal! They have a few to chose from, I went for the plain green 6ft tree with warm white lights. However, now I wish I’d gone for the snow tipped one! Buy ours here.

We wont be keeping the bow on the top – that’s actually part of my costume for work on Christmas eve! eventually we will have a star on the top.

Also, please ignore the empty ikea frame on the wall – I’m still looking for the perfect picture!


Chocolate Santas

In England, it’s traditional to tie chocolates to the Christmas trees. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m guessing it’s for all the children that visit your house to take a treat from the tree. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, these little Santa’s were from Sainsbury’s.


Christmas Candles

So not exactly for the tree, but Christmas candles are up and about! I’m so in love with scented candles, I’d be surprised if I didn’t get any for Christmas. Most of mine are from TK Maxx so they’re not popular brands. I do have a few Christmas Yankee Candles, but I’m way too obsessed with my newer, TK Maxx candles to bother with them.


Our wreath for the front door is going to be absolutely stunning, it’s being made today ready to pick up in the week. I’ve picked out an all real foliage one from my local florists! Simon is the owner of the florists and always sorts me out with beautiful bouquets, this is the first wreath I’ve ever brought and I know I’ll be so impressed. I love the traditional orange slices and cinnamon sticks I’ve chosen and I’ve picked a nice big bow to go on it too. Can’t wait to show you guys!

That’s it for our Christmas decor, what do you guys think? Have you put your decorations up yet?

love Charlie x

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