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Mini Trip To York ❤️


This weekend just gone, Myles and I decided to go to York to do a bit of Christmas shopping. It’s a two hour drive from us which isn’t too bad, but we decided to go down the night before and book a room somewhere so it’s less stress on the day. I’ve been dying to go to York for years and every time I’ve had the chance, something has cropped up and prevented me from going.

We stayed in a cute little pub called The Black Bull Inn, most of the staff were friendly enough and the room was fairly decent. It cost us £100 for the night and we got breakfast included in the price. It’s a little more than I’d usually pay for one night but with it being only a few miles from the city centre, we can’t really grumble. I’d rather pay more for a lovely location and country pub than in the multi-story run down travel lodge we passed on the way in. We had a nice chilled morning without rushing around and driving for such a long time, which was of course the aim of staying the night.

We went shopping around cute York town, making sure to visit The Shambles where we saw The Shop That Must Not Be Named – keep your eye out for a whole post about this shop! We also visited Käthe Wohlfahrt – the best traditional German Christmas shop I’ve ever been too, I’ll be doing a little post about this too! The whole town just seems so quaint and lovely, with the cobbled streets and cafes, the whole time we spent there felt so Christmassy with the Christmas market and brass bands playing.

I’d seriously recommend visiting at this time of year, it feels so magical, if only we had more than one day to explore! I really wish we’d come in the week rather than over the weekend, it was so crowed which made it difficult to look around. I’d definitely like to do this kind of thing again though. It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time and now something that I’m able to tick from my Christmas Bucket List! Hurrah!

Have you ever been to York?

See you next time,

Charlie x

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