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Käthe Wohlfahrt – The German Christmas Shop, York

This has to be my favourite shop in York, England. It is one of the most amazing Christmas shops I have ever visited and if you’re like me and love Christmas so much you wish it lasted longer – this shop is open all year round.

Käthe Wohlfahrt opened their first shop in England in 2016, in the city of York. Gladly providing us English with a genuine and authentic German Christmas experience to shop in. All decorations are handmade in Germany and are so beautiful, you’ll struggle to leave empty handed.

The shop is over many floors and each corner is inundated with Christmas gifts, decorations and more, which just gets you right into the festive spirit. They stock a variety of different sorts of decorations, my favourite were the wooden ones.

We brought a beautiful Christmas decoration, a traditional mini pyramid and a fridge magnet. The pyramids are a traditional handcrafted decoration for Christmas, originally from the Erzgebirge region of Germany. When a candle is placed beneath them, the heat from the candle causes the pyramid to turn. Some of the larger ones come with candle holders in them, but as they’re so expensive, we only brought one of the smaller ones. I really wanted to get this as Myles’s mum had one in the house as he was growing up and I wanted to bring that memory of his to life again in our house.

The staff are really friendly too, they package your decorations so carefully without extra cost. I think if you live in York, or are visiting, Käthe Wohlfahrt is an absolute must visit!

Have you ever been before?

Love Charlie x

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