My Pops: The Painter πŸŽ¨

My Grandad (aka Pops) has always been my number one inspiration throughout my life. His creative flare and imagination has always encouraged me to be the same too, he’s always trying to persuade me to draw more – if only I had more time in a day! In this post, I wanted to share a bit more about his work with you, as I really am proud of what he’s achieved over the years.

So my Pops is actually an oil painter, who’s paintings bring a whole lotta life into a room and really brighten up any space. He paints using a variety of pallet knives, thick oil paints and his fingers! I love the texture he creates, the different thickness of paint makes each one literally jump from the canvas at you. Plus, if you look closely, you can spot little people in the windows of the buildings. It’s so amazing to see in person!

His main painting subjects are usually architectural buildings standing out from bright, swooping skies. He’s also painted the odd boat, hot air balloon and a rooster! They’re all so emotional in their own way. I’d love to be inside his head or a fly on the wall whilst he’s busy in his studio.


He is actually represented in many galleries, including online ones such as Art2Art.Β His work has been sold to all parts of the world – including a beach bar in Tasmania!

If you would like something more personal and unique, you can always contact to commission a painting from him. Whether it’s from a photograph or place you hold dear, he will capture the image for you in a bold, impressionistic painting. Such a great idea for a gift!

If you like his work, please check out his website here:

Or have a flick through his Facebook:

What do you think?

Charlie x

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