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Weekend Away

Hi guys,

This weekend just gone, Myles and I travelled to Wrexham, to visit his dad and step mum. It’s not too far away from Chester, a beautiful historical city in England. In fact, it is the best preserved walled city in England, as its medieval walls form the most complete circuit around any town or city in England – used as one of the three major Roman army bases in the UK.

All weekend, it was snowing quite heavily, which made the drive up so beautiful – I felt like I was in the film – The Holiday!


Once we arrived, we had a chilled afternoon with the fire on and a glass of wine, catching up with Myles’s Dad, John. The view from his house is incredible and ten times better with a thick blanket of snow on top! I hadn’t seen snow this thick since I was a kid!

John took us both out for the evening into Chester city centre for a walk around, drinks and dinner. It’s such a beautiful place to visit. Being this time of year, the whole city centre was decorated with Christmas lights and luckily, the Christmas market was there too!

I love the buildings and the overall aesthetic of the architecture of Chester! It gives off a really nice old-world feel, just walking through the streets made me feel as though I was transported into the past. The Christmas market was actually really good, it’s definitely one of the best ones I’ve visited. It even started to snow as we were walking through, which obviously made it ten times more magical.

We had drinks at Duttons – a super trendy bar and restaurant, situated down a cute little side street. You wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t looking for it! Afterwards, we walked to Hickory’s Smokehouse, I really nice, American style eatery. The staff were really friendly and welcoming and the whole place was kitted out for Christmas. They even served popcorn whilst you ordered – bonus!

Myles and I shared a knickerbocker glory sundae for desert, complete with a sparkler!

I really loved Chester! Some of the buildings had shops on the second floors with connected balconies to walk along. I’d love to visit in the day time and really explore! Our whole stay really helped me to get in the Christmas mood, especially with the snow so thick there. It was so nice to just chill out for the weekend, especially as it was the last chance now before Christmas Day. Ahhh! Only 13 days away now!!

We’ll be back in Wrexham on Boxing day for the weekend, I’m kind of hoping it snows again for a true white Christmas! Have you ever visited Chester? What did you think? Also, how’s everyone getting on with their Christmas planning? I felt pretty organised until today! TWO WEEKS TO GO!

Happy Blogmas! – see you tomorrow!

Love Charlie x

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Away

  1. This looks so lovely and christmassy! Although I didn’t enjoy your reminder that christmas is so close…I still haven’t done ANY shopping!!!!help!!! I’ve been to chester train station to change on the way to Holyhead but now I wish I’d seen the city!

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