My Top Winter Essentials

Hello Everyone!

Day 16 of blogmas and these long, dark nights are really starting to grind my gears. The cold weather during winter makes me feel like I need a huge pick-me-up, winter can make anyone feel pretty miserable, right?

I mean I love this season, but working long hours means I never really get to see daylight. To help myself get through the colder, darker days, I like to always make sure that I have a few of my essentials with me to make it seem a little less dark and damp.

Moisturising Lotions & Hand Creams

During winter, my skin can get pretty rough. Icy winds evaporate the water in our skin more quickly causing tight, dry skin – especially on our hands and face as they’re the least protected. I love having a nice warm shower and layering on a rich, moisturising body butter once I’m dry. I always keep one or two hand creams in my handbag too!


You can’t beat snuggling up on the sofa and losing yourself within a good book. When Myles is on nights, I always find it a great way to end a busy day and chill out before bedtime. It’s so nice to just have a break from my everyday life within another world. I’m currently reading the Fantastic Beasts Screenplay (for the hundredth time).

Fur Blankets & Throws

What goes hand in hand with snuggling on the sofa with your fave book? – a big fur blanket! I have been in love with this fur throw since the second I saw it in Next Home a few years back. So worth the Β£70 I paid – I use it almost every day of the year! (Obviously I feel the cold). It really helps me get warm and comfortable in the evenings and sometimes even sends me to sleep. For anyone that knows me – I have to touch anything that looks soft and usually, if it looks good and feels good, it’s in my basket and I’m at the checkout. Here’s one very similar to mine. Most of my flat lay photos are taken on this!


Yes candles – and yes scented ones. I love the cosy hygge atmosphere that they create and if you get the right smell, they’re perfect to get you into a cosy winter mood. My favourite candles are usually spicey scents, but I love a good fruity one too. They really set the scene of relaxation and cosiness – a must have winter essential! This is my latest candle I’ve brought, the Spiced White Cocoa by Yankee Candle. By god, it smells incredible guys! Almost like spiced chai latte with vanilla bean…. it’s hard to describe, but trust me – amaze!

Moisturising Lip Balms

I love a good matte lipstick, but winter time calls for a little more moisture. I usually layer up my lippy with a good helping of Burts Bee’s Moisturising Lip Balm, it really nourishes and makes your lips feel luxurious. I love the pomegranate one the best! They are infused with powerful fruit extracts and Beeswax to richly moisturise and soften lips. They do have a matte finish but with that much needed moisturising balm texture. Plus, it’s a 100% natural beauty product that I can conveniently tuck into my pocket or bag. Handy!

Hot Chocolates & Festive Coffees

If I really need something to perk me up in the afternoon, I know the best thing to grab is a good hot choccie or festive latte from my local Costa. They have their seasonal drinks in and I can’t get enough of the skinny billionaires latte! It’s a perfect little treat that can really warm me up and make me feel 100x better. A great caffeine free alternative are hot chocolates of course! Myles usually makes me one in an evening this time of year and I’m so grateful as they do make me feel more settled and ready for bed.


On obvious way to keep warm and stay cute – scarves always make me feel so much more cosy! I own so many scarves, I just love coordinating my accessories with my outfits and this is a great way to do this. My go to scarf is this checked number from Miss Selfridge, I love all the colours in the tartan as it means I can put it with almost anything.

Fluffy Socks & Slipper Boots

One of my favourite gifts for Christmas is chunky fluffy socks or slipper boots! They are the best way to keep you that little bit warmer during winter. My faves are usually always from Joules, they’re just so soft and beautiful. Plus the longer length means my whole legs are warm! I got these gorgeous bear slipper socks from Primark a few years ago – I love them!

What are your winter essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Charlie x

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