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Our Family Christmas Traditions

Evening ladies and gents!

Today I thought I’d do blogmas day 17 with a list of my most memorable Christmas family traditions. Hope you enjoy!

1.Driving around looking at everyones Christmas lights – This is one of the oldest traditions my family and I have. It’s something I don’t do now as I’ve moved out and have other stuff to crack on with. But as a kid, or at least ever since I can remember, we have this tradition of driving around different neighborhoods searching for the house with the most amazing lights. We’ve seen some crazy houses that show more lights than bricks! Whenever I drive in the car with my little bros, I’ve noticed that they shout to spot the Christmas lights too.

2. A pre-Christmas, Christmas dinner. Almost like a practise run. Usually the weekend before Christmas, my mum will cook a full on roast, make puddings, do crackers and Christmas table decor. I love it! I genuinely think I prefer it to Christmas Day, just because it’s more chilled and we don’t have to go anywhere (usually we spend Christmas out). Today was actually our pre-Christmas day! Here’s my amazing, beautiful Christmas mumma, who always goes above and beyond to make this time of year ultra special for us all. ❤️

3. Christmas day with the family. Of course, my favorite tradition is spending time on Christmas day with my nearest and dearest. We actually go out to our local pub for our main Christmas dinner then go back to my non and pops at night to open presents together. It’s nice that my mum doesn’t have to stress all day cooking and cleaning and missing out on the fun, so this takes the pressure of her and lets us all relax and have a nice time. It’s great that we can all watch the kids run around playing with their newly acquired Christmas toys all morning. Plus going out means we can break the day up a bit! Here’s pudding from last two years:

4. Staying up until midnight on Christmas Eve and opening one present! My mum, stepdad and I have done this for a while now, but we can only open one if we stay up until midnight (which of course classes as Christmas Day!). It’ll be weird this year not being at their house with them!

5. Having Christmas coffees and Buck’s Fizz to drink whilst opening presents, we have the TV blasting Christmas tunes and a Christmas wallpaper up on the screen! My fave part of Christmas Day is watching the kids come in and seeing their pile of presents, I usually sneak into the sitting room first so I can film them coming in. I love the excitement in the air, it’s a lovely way to wake up.

6. Christmas Eve box – a present to open Christmas Eve, it usually contains pj’s, a Christmas film, hot chocolate and snacks. I love this tradition, it’s all about family time and making the most of spending it together, chilling out and having fun.

7. A girls day out, Christmas shopping. Usually in early December and usually more than once. My mum, nan and I go Christmas shopping somewhere we wouldn’t usually go and make a full day of it, have lunch and compare present ideas. This year we’ve been all over the place! We’re planning to do a day trip to Chester next Christmas! Here’s a few pictures from shopping in Ashbourne and Derby a few years ago:

8. Christmas decoration gifts. Ok, so every Christmas, each person gets a Christmas decoration either tied to their gift bags or as an actual present for their tree. My mum started this and it’s become a thing, she’s the one that’s brought all of my Starbucks and Disney tree decorations! I love them!I love my Build a Bear Grinch too!

9. Taking Christmas photos of Chester. He’s the family cat and every year I snap a Christmas kitty!

10. Putting out reindeer food. – even Chester joins in sometimes!

11. Watching Christmas films non-stop. Pretty sure this is just me in the family, but I’ll watch literally all of them. Every. Single. One. Even the same one more than once!

12. Putting sherry and a mince pie out for Santa of course – Rudolf gets a carrot too! The mince pie is from my bakery and one my favourite memories involved Weasley our old cat, stealing the mince pie off the plate and trying to eat it for himself.

13. Going to see the reindeer! – we can’t do christmas without going to see the deer a our local garden centre!

14. Christmas nails – I love to do festive nails, usually I have to go to my colleagues house to do hers, my mums, even my stepdad has Christmas puds and holly painted on his thumbs!

15. Christmas baking and ginger bread house making! 

16. Seeing Santa! – Every year, the local Rotary Club go around the surrounding villages with Santa on his sleigh. They knock on doors and blast out very loud Christmas music whilst he drives up the road. The kids love seeing him, they get to go on his sleigh for a chat about what they want for Christmas, before leaving with a chocolate and a cheesy grin! I love this tradition, they’ve done this for as long as I can remember and I’ve loved watching the younger members of my family going out and experiencing the same as I did.

img_3818img_3819 So that’s pretty much all I can think of! I know we do have a lot, and a lot more that I haven’t even listed! But it really made Christmas for me as a kid and now these are the things I look forward to now as an adult. What Christmas traditions do you have?

Only a week to go!

Love Charlie x

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