Our Elf On The Shelf

Hi Everyone 👋🏽

Today’s post is all about our elf on the shelf, we have a little friend at work at the minute and he does get up to some crafty things! As you probably know already, I work in a bakery, one of the girls brought in our little pal and we gave him a pretty relatable name…

Meet Bakewell!

The other day, he brought me my favourite coffee! Here’s a few other things he’s been up to…

Here he is messing around in the drinks fridge!

He brought a friend to work today – They call him Noel… looks a little crafty!

Helping us put eyes onto our Rudolf Cupcakes!

Sitting himself in the managers chair.

Caught stealing my coffee!

Making snow angels ❄️

He decorated our pole in the shop! Clever little Bakewell 😛

Looks like Noel and Bakewell were trying to escape!

We’ve had so much fun with our little naughty guest! Each day we get him doing different things and even our customers have started to join in. We got this little one from Poundland, he’s not actually the real deal, but part of the Elves Behavin’ Badly range, he’s done a wonderful job so far!

Have you done Elf of the shelf this year?

Love Charliex

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