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What I Received For Christmas 2017

I know everyone has been doing this post, but I didn’t want to be left out here, I love love love seeing what everyone got for Christmas! I don’t know if it’s me being nosy or if I’m dying to find inspo for birthday and Christmas gifts, (probably from me to me).

I hope this post doesn’t come across as bragging somehow, I am extremely grateful for everything I have received and I’ve really been spoiled this year, so thank you to everyone for the great gifts! No doubt your WordPress will be full of these posts, but they’re honestly my fave posts to read, I mean – they’re almost like reviews! Anyway, I hope you enjoy finding out what I got for Christmas!

On our first Christmas together, Myles was naughty and brought me two main presents! (We both went over budget). He got me this beautiful Tiffany & Co necklace which was on my list, I really wanted something special and sentimental to replace my old necklace. Also, in April I dropped my Tiffany earrings down the toilet on a night out, don’t ask, and for Christmas he went and replaced them for me! Such a cutie!

Another present from Myles included this amazing Harry Potter A History Of Magic Book – I maybe hinted at this. It’s full of J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for the books, how she thought out plots and characters and even sketches of what she imagined the characters looked like. My fave part of this is definitely the writing about the mandrakes and the beautiful illustrations.

I actually received quite a few Harry Potter gifts this year, including my Hufflepuff scarf, keyring, notebook and gorgeous pen from Myles. Also from Myles I got some Essie nail varnishes, which I love! Plus a travel mug with “Charlie’s Coffee” printed on it.

My main present from my parents was a Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum (adulting!). My mum has a cordless vacuum and it’s honestly the best thing ever. The suction power is amazing and it probably does a better job that our Dyson with a cord! It’s so handy, especially when you don’t want to lug the hoover out and about. Also – it’s amazing to do your stairs with – I have never been more excited to clean the house with this little baby! It comes with two different parts too, one to do the floors and one to get into all those nooks and crannys! As you can see, I’ve used it quite a bit since we got it, it needs emptying again!

As I well as the Dyson vacuum cleaner, my parents also got me a few little gifts to go with our main present. I got this super cute Little Book of Hygge, my mumma knows I’m all about that hygge life! A peach scented tangle teezer THAT SMELLS OF PEACH! – to help minimise damage to my fragile hair (I actually posted about this in my secret Santa gifts post). Some Lush Snow Fairy shower gel. Some sleep easy spray and temple rub, as I find it hard to fall asleep at night. A lovely Sass & Belle cactus trinket dish. A gorgeous grey fur Pom Pom throw and matching cushion for our bedroom. A super cute popcorn bowl for Myles and I with our names on came in a box with a bag of popcorn from my little brothers. Along with a stocking full of glow sticks, onion goggles and other jokey bits! They also got us a Disney Christmas tree decoration each, Myles for goofy and I got Daisy Duck!

Every year, my stepdad gets a special present – usually from a high end brand. I’m so lucky to have been gifted something from Mulberry! This cute little tan leather card holder! I love the colour!

I can’t tell you how many times I have almost bought a this giant clock from TK Maxx before, but my head always won over my heart. My Nona and Popa ended up buying us this for our home. It is HUGE but I love it! A perfect statement piece! They also brought me a scarf I loved from New Look, some little beauty products that I can’t wait to use and review, these gorgeous studded shoes and a Harry Potter travel mug and luggage tag! I think my family know I love Harry Potter!


My auntie, uncle and cousins got Myles and I some gorgeous champagne glasses that we really needed! They also got me this amazing Revlon electric nail buffer to make my nails super shiny, I hate that I can’t have them painted for work but this will make them look just as good! – watch out for a review post on this! They also brought us my fave Guylian chocolates and Myles got his fave Toffifee.

Myles’s mum kindly gifted me some makeup brushes, No7 Cleanser and No7 nail varnish. We opened these at her house on Christmas Eve as it’s her German Christmas tradition, so sweet of her and Steve her partner!

We made sure to buy Weller a present too – a giant bone!

At work, all the girls buy each other gifts, I received so many this year from chocolates, socks, a dinosaur plant pot, candles, scarves and more! My faves were from Sarah,who got me a lovely Joules Scarf and Joules socks. The scarf goes great with this cute fur bobble hat my mum and stepdad got me!

On boxing day, we went to Myles’s Dad’s house in Wrexham and I was lucky enough to receive presents from his family too. I had Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume (I love the lid), Yankee candles, bath gift sets and choccies! So unexpected and sweet of his dad and stepmum, grandparents and his aunts and uncles!

It’s honestly been a crazy Christmas, we’ve both been so spoiled and we’re both so grateful for all the gifts we’ve received! I’m honestly so shocked at how generous everyone has been, we have such supportive and amazing families and we are both super lucky to have them too.

How about you guys? What did you get for Christmas?

Please feel free to leave a link down below if you’ve made a post about this already! I’d love to read it as I’ve already said, I need gift inspo!

I hope you enjoyed to see what I got for Christmas. As you can see, I got a lot of things that you will definitely be seeing some reviews on in the future. I also hope you had an amazing Christmas too! So sad that it’s all over so soon!

See you in the next post,

Lots of Love,

Charlie x

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  1. Ahh! A fellow hufflepuff!💛 You got great gifts. If you’d like to see what I got, check it out! —

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