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My Clothing Wishlist

Hello Lovelies,

So today, I had a little upset moment when sifting through my wardrobe trying to find something that actually bloody fit me. Over the last couple of years I have gone up two dress sizes to a size 12, although that isn’t huge – I have very minimal clothing that currently fits. So in this post I thought I’d create a clothing and accessory wishlist, something I can look at every so often and possibly treat myself to. Although I am supposed to be saving for Paphos.

My wardrobe is very much a blend of black, grey and oatmeal, I’m not that into colour, as I do love classic monochrome and neutral tones. They’re very easy to mix and match and I kind of like to blend in. On the other hand, a lot of the items I’ve picked for my wishlist are quite colourful!

Anyway… here we go.

I have never owned clothes from Boden before, my mum does and I do quite often tend to take inspiration from my mums style. Something I absolutely love is this long sleeve stripe top with embroidered floral detail, it is one of their classic Brenton tops, just with a little twist. They’re very similar to the Joules Harbor tops – something that doesn’t fit me quite right (I have one and surprise surprise – I never wear it). I do like the lemon design too, I have a bit of a thing for lemons for some reason and a huge thing for striped tops!

img_4912£40.00 at Boden

Another top from Boden I quite liked was this pink stripe linen shirt. Stripes again! I love that it is linen as it is lightweight and breezy, perfect for our upcoming holiday. I just saw it and could image me in it I guess, I don’t usually like or wear pink but I’m really feeling this shirt and feel as though I could mix it up a lot by dressing it up or down.

The only thing I am worried about with this, is that I’ll feel a little Barbie-ish. For some reason, whenever I try to wear this shade of pink with my very light long blonde hair – I feel like a Barbie doll and it puts me off. Although I could easily grunge it up a little with black skinny jeans and a biker jacket.


£55.00 at Boden

I am a big lover of clothing brand Joules, their clothing is usually of very good quality and they always offer something slightly different to typical high street clothing stores. I love the whole country style and often buy clothes from here. There are LOADS of items from Joules on my wishlist, I will only announce a few though don’t worry!

The first is this grey, pink and yellow stripe jumper. I told you I’m into stripes….


I don’t know what it is about it, but I love it! It’s got my fave colour grey running through it in multiple shades with ocre yellow (another fave) and pink stripes too. I just like that it’s something different, it looks cosy and soft and I can definitely see me wearing it. I’d probably buy this in the size bigger as I love a jumper to be slightly baggy, it also means I can layer it up easier in colder months.

£59.95 at Joules

Something else I love from Joules is this real leather Darby Saddle bag in chestnut. I know it’s not clothing but I love the size, the colour and the style of this. The little hare detail makes it all the better!

£99.95 at Joules

I have noticed that I am wearing a lot of joggers and the boyfriend’s clothes as pyjamas recently. After looking through my draws, its become apparent that I only own pyjama bottoms, most of which are too small (I prefer a size up) and usually too short on my long legs! I found this 2 pack of jammies from ASOS that are most certainly my style. They’re from the Tall section meaning they wont be above my ankles and they’re in monochrome which I love and striped, of course.


£34.00 for two pack at ASOS 

The next three items are from FatFace, another beautiful shop, slightly similar to Joules. I have been eyeing these three up for a while and I absolutely love them all.

The first is this Abbey Pleat Swing jumper in light grey. It is very similar to one I have previously owned from here, however I got rid of it a while ago when I found that it no longer fit, I love the colour and relaxed style and feel like I would wear this a lot.

£52.00 Fatface

The next item from Fatface is the gorgeous striped Breton top in colour Dandilion – again, very silimar to a Joules version I tried. I love this colour and pattern and hope that when I get round to buying this, it will fit nicely and I will love it.

£28.00 Fatface

The last item from Fatface is the Hazel Daisy Ditsy top. It’s a longline printed blouse, perfect for day or night. I like the relaxed fit with buttons on the chest and cuffs and the lace detailing on the shoulders adds a feminine finishing touch. I’m sure that I will be purchasing this very soon.

£45.00 Fatface

So there you have it, my current clothing wishlist! If anyone would like to donate funds to my shopping addiction that would be great!

Alternatively, it is my birthday next month so I could let a few family members in on this. I will be doing a birthday wishlist post soon, maybe some of these items will end up on there, depending how crazy I go on payday! Ahhhh, help me save! 

Do you have a clothing wishlist or uncontrollable shopping habit like me?

What’s your favourite style? Let me know below.

See you next time!

Love Charlie x


6 thoughts on “My Clothing Wishlist

  1. The colorful striped sweater & the 3 items from FatFace were my favs! So cute… happy shopping!💖 —


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