How To Clean Your Home Without Trying

Hello lovelies,

Since moving in with Myles, I’ve become an absolute clean freak, I hate being in a room where something is out of place or needs a quick wipe down.

I currently work from 7am till 5pm at night, once I’m home and finished cooking, I find that my motivation wears thin when it comes to cleaning the house. Last month, those long working hours along with the worlds worst cold, made getting up to shower difficult, let alone cleaning a house! However, the house didn’t get that bad, as I’ve developed a few little habits that help it stay clean and tidy without a ton of effort.

If you can adopt these habits into your everyday life, it’s almost as if you clean the house without actually cleaning the house! Here are a few habits you can make part of your life for an effortlessly clean home!

Never leave a room empty handed

As you’re walking from room to room if you see something out of place, take it with you! For instance, if I’m walking from the living room to kitchen and I pass an empty glass or mug, I go ahead and grab it and take it to the kitchen with me. As you move around your house during the day be mindful of anything you can do as you go, moving recycling to the back door, taking washing upstairs with you, etc. It will obviously vary for everyone, but just being mindful of this, will save you time and energy!

Straighten up as you walk around the house

This tip is as simple as the last one, as you walk around the house, if you see something that needs a quick tidy just do it. Walking past the sitting room and seeing a cushion from the sofa on the floor, pick it up, give it a fluff and move on. Three seconds later and the room looks tidier and you’re none the worse for the wear. It’s as simple as that!

Make your bed as soon as you leave it

Ok, so despite my inner child reminding me that I’m just going to mess my bed up again the same night, I still try and do this every day! An unmade bed makes your room look unclean and of course untidy, it literally only takes two minutes to make your bed and doing so makes the whole room look ten times better, even if you have a floordrobe! I try to do it as soon as I wake up and I’m always happy that I did. I can walk in at night and it looks cosy, grown up and inviting, putting you in a better mindset for a good nights sleep.

Clean as you cook

I cook every night and something I absolutely loath is a messy kitchen. There’s nothing worse than finishing up your culinary masterpiece and looking around at a completely destroyed kitchen. I find that cleaning as I cook really helps to keep on top of everything as I hate the thought of having to clean the whole room once I’m done eating. It’s so simple too! Just take small pockets of time while you cook to clean up as you go.

Dinner ready for the oven in 4 minutes? That’s plenty of time to put away ingredients and pop the wrappers in the bin. After you pop your food in the oven go ahead and clean up the dishes and utensils so you don’t end up with those to clean on top of the dinner plates! I’m always wiping down those surfaces too, if I’ve not got a damp cloth in my hand, it’s an antibacterial wipe – just give the area you’re working on a once over when you’ve finished using that space.

Load your dishwasher at night, empty in the morning

This tip actually makes a big difference! Fill and run your dishwasher at night, run whilst you sleep, then unload first thing in the morning. Obviously in the week Myles unloads it for me before his shifts, but on a Sunday, I usually do it as I’m boiling the kettle. That way, all dishes during the day go straight to the dishwasher instead of piling up on counters or in sinks! – I’m very slowly getting Myles into the habit of this one!

Wipe bathroom surfaces whilst brushing your teeth

I’m very much into multi-tasking, no wonder Myles thinks I take so long in the bathroom! I do tend to get a little carried away sometimes. BUT, rather than standing idlely while I brush my teeth, it’s the perfect time to grab an antibacterial wipe and give the surfaces and fixtures a quick spring clean. It only takes a moment and keeps the bathroom looking super clean without a lot of effort. In fact, I’ve started keeping a bottle of bathroom cleaner in there to spray about whilst I’m brushing! Once I’m done washing my face and teeth, I can just wipe it away.

So there you have it, these are my little top tips that can help you to keep on top of your house work without spending a ton of time doing so. It might seem like a lot at first, but if you integrate one at a time eventually it will be like your house is being cleaned on autopilot! Give it a try!

Do you already use any of these tips? Is there anything else you could add to my list? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Love Charlie x

17 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Home Without Trying

  1. I love these tips so much! I always like to leave my bedroom with my bed made:) defo need to work on the tidying whilst cooking one though, leaving cooking stuff everywhere is my downfall! Me and mum do a ‘five minute clean’ where you set a timer for five minutes and then race to make things look presentable, I normally take the living room and she does kitchen. In five minutes I can clear surfaces, straighten pillows, vacuum the floor and light a candle! Makes a MASSIVE difference!

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      1. It’s so motivating! Because it’s only 5 minutes (10 if you want to deep clean) you don’t get bored and you end up making such a big difference to how a room looks!it’s recommended for if you have guests coming over and need to clean up quickly haha

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  2. Love these tips! Definitely going to utilize them. I usually just leave everything messy until “cleaning day,” but this just seems more reasonable and efficient.

    Liked by 1 person

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