Mini Primark Haul

Hello lovelies 💕

Today I went on a little shop with my Nona and ended up getting quite a bit from Primark! I was quite surprised actually as it’s not often I find a lot I like in there. I didn’t look around the clothes, but did find a few bits in the beauty and home section. Let me show you what I got…

Holler and Glow face mask sheets are so adorable! They’re a little pricey, but I got three anyway as I’m hosting a sleepover at my house on Saturday night with my younger cousins – I thought they’d love these! I can’t wait for us to use them, you can’t have a girly sleepover without a face mask.

On the subject of face masks, I also purchased a couple from the PS… brand. I absolutely love coconut and pistachio! For only 80p each, I could have gone wild, but I was good and only got these two. I can’t wait to try one out, the other will be sent to my lovely friend Jiwoo who lives all the way over in South Korea.

I got myself these silicone beauty sponges, they were in the sale and I have wanted to try silicone blenders for a while now. Only 50p for two! I hope they work well, they’re supposed to be pretty good.

How cute is these Mermaid Wishes mini perfume? The Ariel inspired sweet scent comes in a mini bottle and as you can see, only for £1. It’s a great size to pop in your clutch bag on a night out, there were a few different kinds but this bottle pattern is amazing for a gift for my Disney obsessed friend.

Has anyone tried these magic cloths? I got a mini one in my January Birchbox and use it all the time, they’re so clever! They even remove tough eye makeup with just water, I got two for myself as a wash and a wear of course! If anyone has used the Primark version please let me know, I hope they’re as good as my mini Birchbox sample. Also, these are a great way to reduce your plastic waste, did you know that face wipes contain plastic?

This pen was 90p, it’s sassy and cute and I’m sending it to Jiwoo! Who doesn’t love kick ass stationary anyway?

I’ve already got a set of these over the door hooks in our home, they’re fab for hanging up coats and dressing gowns without damaging the doors. I got some more today, they’re so handy for storage and £2 for three separate hooks is a steal!

Myles is always in need of socks! I picked up these Game of Thrones pack of five socks for him today, we’re both mad on the series and they’re super cool! I think they were only about £4.50, you don’t have to spend a lot to treat your man.

All this for £24! I thought that was pretty good for twelve items. I can’t wait to use and gift all of this stuff. Have you brought any of these from Primark before? I was soooo tempted to buy a load from the home section, they had such cute throws and pillows, even a tonne of Harry Potter goodies!

What’s your most recent Primark purchase?

See you next time,

Love Charlie x

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10 thoughts on “Mini Primark Haul

  1. Lovely stuff! ❤ Holler and Glow masks look amazing 😀 That's a shame I don't have Primark in my country… I have to visit the UK or any other place to go shopping in Primark, hahah! Great post 😉 xx

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