Essie Gel Couture Review

Hey there ladies,

So today’s post is about the new Essie nail polish range: Gel Couture. I literally never paint my nails due to working with food, but when I do – oh em gee, I love it. For some reason, a sleek manicure always makes me feel like I have my shit together yano?

I would love to get a gel manicure every few weeks and have perfectly shaped nails all the time. At work we’re not even aloud our nails to grow long, let alone with added lacquer. So when I do get the opportunity to paint my nails, standard polish just doesn’t cut it for me. It only lasts a few days, if one at all, without chipping and looking tacky until I peel it off through frustration.

As I rarely have more than a week off at at time, I don’t see the point in me investing in a home gel manicure kit. Even though I really want one! I usually just buy the standard nail varnishes with the gel-like effect to them. This year, for Christmas, Myles gifted me the Essie Gel Couture top coat and colour in shade Sew Me, something I had not used before as I had never realised Essie did gel-like polish!

I absolutely love the Sew Me shade! It’s a nice nude-caramel rose colour that goes with pretty much everything, including my pale skin tone. I was surprised I love this so much actually, as I usually tend to go for darker colours such as greys and reds.

These are supposed to be long-wearing, quick-drying and only require two easy steps for a gel-like manicure. Firstly, choose one of the super chic colors and apply two coats to the natural, bare nails with long, smooth strokes. No base coat or UV or LED lamp are needed! Let that dry and apply the second step – the specialised, quick-drying top coat to lock in the couture manicure. Reapply the top coat every few days for longer wear.

Not only do I love the Sew Me colour, but the texture is amazing, it dries really quick and it really does last! I can’t wait to buy more, each colour retails at £9.99, which I don’t think is that bad after paying O.P.I prices. I’ve definitely got my eyes on Stitch By Stitch, Take Me To Thread, Sit Me In The Front Row and Flashed!

Overall I’m really impressed with the collection. The application process was quick and easy as the brush is the perfect size. I can’t wait to go shopping and treat myself to a few more beautiful colours!

Have you tried the Gel Couture range by Essie yet? What do you think?

Love Charlie x

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