Say Hello To My Idol

Hello everyone!

First off, Happy Mothers Day to all you readers that are wonderful mums, and especially to my mum who is my absolute idol – this post is for you! 

When I was growing up, a lot of people influenced me to become the person I am today. I grew up watching programmes and hearing my friends talk about their idols and who they wanted to be like when they were older. I have to confess that during one awkward stage in school, my idol was Sharon Osbourne – still a huge fan by the way, she totally rocks. But deep down I have always known that my one true idol and person I aspire to be just as good as, is my mum.

I love that we set aside a whole day to honor and celebrate the women who raised us. My mum is an amazing mother who has dedicated her life to her three kiddos, two of them she adopted once I’d grown up. She is selfless yet strong and the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out.

I’ve never known a woman to be so caring and considerate, loving and kind, resilient and overall just an amazing person. She always knows the right things to say and do, and is always there for me in my times of need. I hope that I can live up to my mum and when I am a parent, if I become even half the mother she is, I know that I have done myself proud and my kids will have an awesome upbringing, just as I did and my little brothers are doing now. Can I also point out that she is an awesome Snapchat selfie partner!

My mum is my bestest friend, I can tell her absolutely everything, she’s never given up on me and been the one constant thing in my life. I just want to take the opportunity to say I love you mumma and thank you so much for providing me with all the tools I need in life to become just as amazing as you are.

I hope everyone has a lovely day,

Love Charlie x

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6 thoughts on “Say Hello To My Idol

  1. Oh Lottie I’m sitting in bed reading this and the tears are rolling down my face. This blog is just so beautiful 😍 xxxxxxx

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  2. Your mom seems like such a lovely woman! My mom is definitely my role model/best friend!🌷💕 —

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