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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Cosy

Hello lovelies 💕

When I first moved in with Myles, his house didn’t feel very homely, not just from my point of view, but his too. He had the basics but nothing that gave it that sense of warmth when you walked in. Over the past year, we have been adding furniture, home accessories and lots of little bits and bobs to each room to make it feel more like our home.

So far, my favourite room is our bedroom, although it is not fully completed, it is my little sanctuary. I absolutely love spending time in there and I feel like it is so important that the decor is perfect, to give us that cosy feeling as soon as we get home from work.

We all want a bed that we can just dive into as soon we get home – not only that but we spend the majority of the time in our bedrooms! For me, it’s essential that it has all the right components that make it comfortable, cosy and refreshing!

If you feel that your bedroom is missing some of these elements right now, keep reading for my top tips:

Layer Up

You can make your bedroom feel super cosy by adding just a few layers. It’s really easy to do too! All you need to do, is pick out your color scheme and layer your bed up with throws, pillows and blankets that will make it irresistible to jump into. I only have the one at the moment, but just that draped over the end of the bed makes all the difference!

Layering up your cushions and pillows can also give your bed that cosy hygge feel. I think it’s best done using bigger, fuller cushions with a few smaller sizes scattered in front. Chunky knit throws are all the rage at the moment, I got this gorgeous pom pom edge knitted blanket for Christmas from my mum, who I know got it from Dunelm – they even have the matching cushion to go with. Below is our actual bedroom… there’s a few more things I want to add but this feels fresh and comfortable for now.

Keep It Warm

When working with colors think warm and bright. Colder colors will make you less likely to feel as comfortable in your room and you’ll always be looking for ways to make it warmer.

At the moment, copper, rose gold and pink are trending colors so it means that it’s a lot easier to do this. Our bedroom is currently grey and white, I’m hoping to add some warmth to it soon using either a nice blush pink or warming ochre yellow.

It’s All In The Details

Your bedroom should be your safe haven, a relaxing space to make you feel calm and rested. I believe that it should always be a complete reflection of you and a space that lifts your mood and inspires you. So with that in mind, you should want to display and fill it with the things that you love that make you happy.

Photographs and little trinkets, candles and accessories, anything that fills up space and adds to the value of your room. No one else really goes in your bedroom when they visit, it’s a space for you and you only, make it somewhere you can enjoy.

I really love plants, candles, arty prints and photographs of Myles and I, so naturally our bedroom is full of these things!

The Right Lighting

The right kind of lighting can give off the right kind of mood, think subtle, warming lights. I always find that fairy lights and small lamps can really make the space feel inviting and can open your room up to many creative possibilities. I love how cute lights can create a magical, romantic atmosphere, perfect for when you need some time to wind down.

Candles can also create the right mood in the bedroom, whether you’re ready to unwind or relax or get it on, candles are almost guaranteed to make anyone feel good. I love a good candle or lantern to get myself into that cosy atmosphere, it’s great because you can always pick the right kind of fragrance to go with the mood you want to create! Obviously candles can’t be lit all the time, but battery operated versions are a great alternative if you still want the flickering cosy affect without worrying about falling asleep whilst it’s on!


Not always necessary, but a rug can really help to bring a room together and turn it into a cosy, luxurious space, especially larger bedrooms or those with wooden floorboards or laminate flooring. Those gorgeous sheep skin fluffy rugs scream cosy and comfortable to me! They can be placed in various areas of your room and still add to the feel of it.

I love it when they are put at the end of the bed or draped over chairs, I have been thinking about grabbing one of these for our bedroom but am still unsure which colour to go for. They’re all over Pinterest right now and readily available at most home stores and online retailers!

So that’s it for my cosy bedroom tips!

I have soooo many different ideas I want to try in our bedroom, it’s just making sure that everything fits the space nicely without looking overcrowded. What do you think? Do you have any more tips to add to these?

See you soon,

Love Charlie x

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Your Bedroom Feel More Cosy

  1. One of the many reasons I can’t wait til we get a home of our own is being able to decorate a bigger space! The bedroom in our apartment is big, but not big enough for the gorgeous rug that I want and the lighting is horrible- but I LOVE layering the blankets on the bed and having furry fluffy pillows too (:

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  2. I can’t wait to decorate and put together a house with my soon-to-be hubby! Your room looks so cozy and fresh!😴💆🏼‍♀️ —

    Liked by 1 person

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