My First Ko-fi Coffee

Hello lovelies,

For those of you who don’t know, Myles is my beloved partner. He’s my biggest critique, biggest fan and supports me no matter what I do – something I absolutely love and cherish about him, I know the man has one hundred percent, always got my back.

The other night I was showing him my latest post, and we were chatting about my Ko-fi page and how to get it to become more prominent on my site.

Ko-fi allows someone to tip another by sending them money via PayPal for a virtual coffee. Mine is there to act almost like a thank you from others to me for creating my blog content. You can leave messages on there too so the user knows who’s tipped them!

I was absolutely thrilled to receive my first ever Ko-fi coffee, saying that someone loves what I do!

When I looked up from my email, I could see him grinning and knew instantly what he’d done! He’d only gone and brought my first one!

So today I’m showing you that this money does actually go towards my slight coffee addiction and that I do 100% absolutely appreciate all the love, support and kindness from my readers and the blogging community.

If you fancy treating me to my next cup, follow the buy me a coffee link below, I’ll be sure to post any coffee I receive, along with links back to your site too! Also, if you have your own Ko-fi page, then please feel free to put your links down below. I’d love to treat you to one!

Here’s today’s skinny hazelnut cappuccino ♥️ Thank you Myles! You huge cutie!

Cheers everyone!

Love Charlie x

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