How To Make Your Make Up Last Longer

Hey lovelies,

Isn’t it super annoying when you spend ages perfecting your make up, only to find a few hours later it is beginning to slip and slide down your face? I have tried and tested some super useful tips and tricks that can help to keep your make up in place and your face looking lush. First of all…

Don’t Touch Your Face

I am forever resting my head in my hands and it’s actually so bad to keep touching your face. The warmth from your hands and constant touching or rubbing of your face literally dissolves your makeup.

It’s also an awful cause of acne, your hands pick up germs so easily as you touch surfaces, unknowingly you are transferring those germs onto your face! GROSS! 

Blot Baby Blot!

Excess oil on your skin is actually the main cause of makeup breaking down and melting from your face. If you have more of an oily skin-type, you will know the pain of catching your reflection in the mirror at midday and seeing the light bouncing from your shiny face.

To avoid shine and to make your makeup last longer, you need to blot the excess oil away before even thinking about applying a powder.

There are blotting wipes, cloths and pens available from many different beauty brands. Personally, I think these are a bit of a con, as you can easily blot your face with a bit of tissue, kitchen roll or paper towel. Just dab each area very gently without rubbing to avoid moving your foundation.

Moisturise In Advance

When you put your foundation straight on top of your moisturiser, you are actually dooming your makeup to slip right off. If you moisturise, you need to do this as soon as you wake up and allow it to sink in fully before applying any makeup.

Personally, I do not moisturise in the morning, as I find that my combination skin alone is best for applying and keeping my makeup on my face. Those who have more oily skin may want to skip the moisturiser until the evenings too.

Use A Primer

I used to think that primers were a complete con until I actually started using one. You really should prime your face, just like you’d prime furniture before painting it for a perfect even finish. This really helps to make your foundation last longer and look more even/less patchy.

Most primers have a little extra to them too, some can reduce pore size and others reduce likelihood of an acne breakout. My two fave primers at the moment are Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Blemish Control Primer by e.l.f Cosmetics.

Use Foundation That Matches Your Skin Type

If you use a foundation and find that it breaks down from your face quickly, you may be using the wrong kind of foundation for your skin type. I find that oil based foundations on oily/combo skin types break down way faster than foundations that are water based and oil free. Many beauty counters will recommend the best foundation for you depending on your skin type, some will even give you a tester pot.

It may take a few trial and errors, but trust me when I say shop about. It took me a good few years to find a small handful of foundations that actually stay on my face.

Use A Setting Spray

If I really want my makeup to last a long time, I will use a setting spray, especially if I know that my makeup will be put to the test or I’m going out for the night. Again, I used to think this was a con, but like primers they actually work to help your look stay put.

I have used Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray in the past, but personally I found that Barry M’s Flawless Mist & Fix Matte Setting Spray worked just as good.


Seal And Set Your Foundation With Powder

I cannot stress this enough, it drives me mad when I see people putting on a good foundation and not setting it with powder. You have to seal your foundation to set it in place! Especially liquid foundations, if you don’t you’re basically asking for a foundation land slide. You don’t have to go heavy on the powder either, plus you can still look glowing with a set face – just make sure you get the right powder for you.

Personally, I hate any shine to my face, I have always used powder and found that this is the best way to keep foundation in place. I am currently switching between two different face powders, for every day wear I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent. It is definitely the best high street pressed powder I have used to keep my  face completely shine free.

The high end powder I use at the weekend or for going out, is Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder, it is an amazing powder that is great for baking and creating that soft focus, baby skin look.



Hope these little tips help to keep your face in place and looking as fresh as when you first applied it! Let me know if you have any other tips down below!

Love Charlie x

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Make Up Last Longer

  1. I agree with all of these, they are all greats tips! I think another great tip is to apply your foundation with a brush not a sponge, it works the product into your skin more than a sponge and really makes it last longer

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