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April Favourites

Hello lovelies,

I still cannot get over how fast this year is flying by, how can it possibly be the first of May?! One of my fave types of blog posts is the monthly faves, I love writing them and reading them, so here are a few of mine for April…

Ok so I haven’t actually stopped going on about Emma Bridgewater recently. They’re based in Stoke on Trent, England and make the cutest pottery and kitchenware I’ve ever laid my eyes on.


I love the designs and whole feel of their products. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll probably see a few pieces pop up now and again. My faves are the mugs – especially my Rabbit mug!

Swapping my blog to personal has been another fave of mine this month. I took the leap and decided that excluding WordPress from my URL, and banishing ugly adverts from my feed was the way forward for me. Everything looks smoother and I’m looking forward to playing around with my theme a little.

Exclusively available at Birchbox, I have been obsessing with this ARROW Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm! It is designed to react with your natural PH and enhance the natural colour of your lips. It’s super nourishing and keeps a gorgeous pink on my lips for most of the day. As something I brought on a whim, I’m pleased to say that it has been used every day this month and it will be my go-to lip balm for a very long time.

As a clean freak, I’m always googling what best cleaning products or methods I can use in our home. I’ve been trying and testing bathroom cleaners for a while now as it’s so hard to find one product that works to make it squeaky clean and as effortless as possible!

Flash Bathroom Cleaning Spray ticks those boxes and made a freaking annoying job into a breeze! It gets rid of those soapy scum marks sooooo easily and leaves everywhere looking super duper fresh!

As I only wash my hair twice a week, you may have guessed that dry shampoo is my bestest friend. I’ve always been a Batiste babe but I picked up this Colab Dry Shampoo not so long back, thanks to the gorgeous design and my love for tropical scents it really caught my eye.

I’ve gotta say, I’m never going back! It never leaves any white powder in my hair, or anywhere else for that matter. It refreshes my hair wonderfully, smells to die for, but most importantly… I can’t feel it on my scalp!

A few random ones in there this month, but there you have it – my April faves!

What are your faves this month? Anyone loving any of these?

Love Charlie x

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