Spread Your Wings In Fashion

Hey lovelies,

These days, it is becoming so much harder to express our individuality within fashion. With fashion trends swapping and changing so frequently and the influence of social media and celebrities, it can be hard to distinguish yourself from others. If Kim K wears a certain dress, you can guarantee that hundreds of versions of said dress will hit high street stores within a matter of weeks.

Having said this, there are many brands and companies who strive to be unique and set themselves out from the crowd. The whole fashion industry has evolved so much to meet up with consumer’s needs, that it can be very competitive to be different or “out-there” whilst still being in style.

Of course, creative expression within fashion is growing rapidly and those quirky, stylish and personalised accessories are becoming evermore popular. I will personally go out of my way to find accessories and jewellery that I can put my own stamp on before it is brought, I just love how that bog-standard piece can become something personal with your own customisation. For me, they almost become sentimental as they’re physically designed by myself!


One company I have had the opportunity to work with recently is Kuma Design, a handcrafted, vegan-friendly accessories company from Estonia, that is also based here in the UK.

They have mastered the art of creating unique and individual butterfly fashion accessories from brooches to earrings, necklaces and bow-ties, using only vegan leather, Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and high-quality metals. Not only that, but they successfully challenge a market that is all about mass volume rather than expression and creativity.

Kuma very kindly gifted me this absolutely gorgeous Blue Lagoon Butterfly Brooch, the design is stunning and the brooch itself feels sturdy and well crafted. I love the blue and pink colouring and each tiny crystal glistens in the sunlight, even though they’re black!


I love that each brooch tells it’s own story, so if you’re not sure which amazing design to go for, you can always read up the description for which best suits your personality. The Blue Lagoon butterfly is all about the good times ahead of you and to give you the motivation to carry on, something I’m all about right now!


If you really can’t decide which design to choose, you can always let your inner designer’s wings spread, by customising your own beautiful butterfly brooch!

This can be done on their website using new design your own brooch tool. There are unlimited colour options for the dyed wings, plus two free Swarovski crystals and two styles of butterfly designs to choose from. You can also add more crystals to your brooch if you wish too for an extra small fee.

Such a lovely idea, as each butterfly brooch will be completely one-of-a-kind and special to the person that designed their own! They’re also an excellent idea for a gift as they’re such an eye-catching statement, especially for the expressive, creative types.


I absolutely love my new Blue Lagoon brooch and can’t wait to wear this out and about! I’m actually going to attach it to a hair bobble this weekend, what a perfect way to express my love for the current spring season!

Why not check out more designs from Kuma! I adore the look of their latest Paradise Bird collection, and those earrings are to die for!

Thanks again to those at Kuma Design who gifted this gorgeous brooch to me, something I can keep and treasure for years to come.

As always, share your thoughts below!

Love Charlie x

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