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Enjoying A Brew With Adagio Teas

Hey sweet peas,

A few weeks ago, the lovely people at Adagio Teas sent a super sweet package out to me containing tonnes of teas to try. When I say tonnes, I’m obviously exaggerating, but they were very generous. Not only did they send an abundance of different flavours, but also some paper tea filters, a glass infuser mug and a glass infuser teapot.

The ingenuiTEA teapot is actually so cool, it makes loose leaf tea so easy to prepare and use. You literally just pop a teaspoon or two of loose leaf tea in the top and some boiling water, once the tea is brewed and ready, simply place it on top of any mug. This causes a valve at the bottom to release and dispense crystal-clear tea into your mug, whilst the mesh filter retains all the leaves.

I actually love this, not only is it super cool, but its dishwasher friendly and BPA-free!

The Glass Mug & Infuser is also pretty darn cool, not only is it convenient, but it is also pretty fun watch the tea leaves excrete their colours and flavours.

Once your tea is brewed, you can remove the infuser and have a perfect cup of tea wherever, and whenever, the mood strikes. Like the IngenuiTEA teapot, the glass mug and infuser is completely dishwasher safe. I love that you can just pull out the infuser and there is no mess left behind.

I also got some pretty handy disposable paper tea bags, they’re easy to use, just pop in one or two teaspoons of loose leaf tea and stand in your mug to brew. They have an elongated back that makes filling it easy too.

I was very lucky to receive 17 wonderful teas from Adagio, most of them herbal and green teas, which are my fave. They all arrived in little sachets with resealable tops, making it easy to try and test a few in one day without the rest of the leaves going to waste.

Here are the flavours I received, I haven’t had chance to try every one of them yet, but I will describe a few of them I have tried:

  • Peach Oolong
  • Earl Grey Lavender
  • Earl Grey Moonlight
  • White Peach Tea
  • Earl Grey Green
  • Genmai Cha
  • Green Chai
  • Jasmine Phoenix Pearls
  • Matcha Peach
  • Calypso Green
  • Raspberry Green
  • Berry Blast
  • Peach Bellini
  • Berry Creme Compote
  • Samurai Mate
  • Fruit Medley
  • Pina Colada

Pina Colada

I  love pina colada cocktails, so instantly this tea stood out to me! It was the first tea I tried and although it doesn’t taste like pina colada as such, its very nice! It creates a beautiful rosey colored cup, with a strong hibiscus tropical scent that had me excited to test it out!

Ingredients include: Rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, dried coconut, pineapple flavour, pineapple pieces and coconut flavour.
I was a little disappointed that it didn’t taste exactly like the cocktail I’m used to, but it had a wonderful fruity flavour, the hibiscus stands out greatly, followed by the sweetness of the pineapple and coconut flavours. Find yours here.

Fruit Medley

Myles actually chose this one to try, usually I’d go for the more unusual flavours first, but this was bloody gorgeous! It’s almost like a warm Pimms style tea. Very sweet and refreshing indeed!
Ingredients include: Rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, natural strawberry flavour, strawberries, orange peels, natural cherry flavour, lemon grass and marigold flowers.
I was thrilled with this tea and will definitely be loving this one for a while! It just screams early summer mornings and balcony breakfasts to me! Find yours here.

Raspberry Green

I have always loved green teas, whether I drink them hot or cold, they’re healthy and yummy and make me feel like I have my life together. This raspberry green tea is one of the best fruity green teas I’ve tried! The raspberry flavour is strong enough without being too tangy and it smells to die for.

Ingredients include: green tea, natural raspberry flavour, raspberry leaves, raspberries and rose petals.

I would definitely purchase this raspberry blend in the future, I’ve almost ran out already it’s that good! Find yours here.

I’ve never tried loose leaf teas at home before, I love that I can easily taste-test lots of flavours, all hassle free and in my PJ’s! Thank you again to those at Adagio teas for my hugely generous gift! I’ve absolutely loved having so many options to choose from and can’t wait to have a mini tea party with my family for them to try too!


If you’re into loose leaf tea, trying new flavours and enjoying a refreshing cuppa with a twist – then do go and check out Adagio!

Until next time,

Love Charlie x

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