May Favourites 2018

Hey beauties,

We’re at the half way point for 2018! Month 6! I say it every month, but I still can’t get over how fast this year is flying by. As with every month, I wanted to show you guys my monthly favourites!

Spectrum Tulip Eye Brush

I got this lil gem out of my March Birchbox and have been using it daily ever since. The bristles are super soft and it does an effortless job of depositing and blending shadows into the eyelid. It just feels like a proper sturdy, well made brush. I can’t wait to purchase more from Spectrum!

Vans Checkerboard Slip On Trainers

I brought these as I was desperate to find slip on trainers that were comfortable and go with everything. I hate black trainers with blue jeans and because my feet are so big, all white trainers with black jeans look awful on me too.

These checkerboard beauts don’t make my feet look huge and they go with pretty much everything. They’re really comfy once they’ve been broken in to and are also true to size.

I love to pair mine up with ripped mom jeans and a cute tee.

OZH Jewellery Earrings

I got these not long ago as a gift and I bloody love them! They’re handmade in Nottingham using hand picked leather from a high quality leather shop in Heidelberg, Germany. These Earrings in particular are made from cut off leather pieces that would have been discarded otherwise.

They are so gorgeous, I always get so many compliments on them too. Not only that, but they are incredibly comfortable to wear, due to them being very lightweight, so they don’t weigh your ear down. The leather is shimmers from silver to gold, which reflects and catches the light beautifully!

Technic Prism Rainbow Highlighter

I actually got this as a freebie when ordering something online, at first I was a bit like woah unicorn festival face, but then I tried it and wow! I always use a fan brush for my highlighter, just brush it up and down each colour and swipe on your face – Best. Glow. Ever.

Seriously, I think this even beats my fave MAC highlighters! It’s just so flattering and gorgeous and I’ve been wearing it daily! Can you believe it, I just found it on amazon today for £2.10!

Emma Bridgewater Union Jack Mug

My last fave of the month is my new Emma Bridgewater Union Jack mug. It’s bright, colourful and patriotic! As well as being from my fave pottery factory.

After this months royal wedding and little prince Louis being born, I’ve felt more patriotic than ever and proud to be British!

So that’s it for my May Faves! They’ll probably be my faves for the next few months to be honest, once I like something, it’s hard for anything to change my mind. So what do you think? Any of these things on your faves list?

Love Charlie x

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