Signs You’re Actually A Twenty Something Grandma

Hey lovelies,

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA recently on the blogosphere, it’s mainly due to zero motivation thanks to this crazy exhaustion – this damn heat is killing me!

As you can see this post is all about the signs that you’re a twenty-something grandma, since I’ve been napping in the day a lot, I thought this post was pretty ideal.

I’ve always been a bit of a grandma at heart really, usually opting for nights in over a big night out. For me, you really can’t beat chilling at home in your pyjamas with a nice cuppa hot choccie and a good movie.

I feel like since settling down into our home, and maybe getting a little older (and hopefully wiser), has allowed me to fully embrace that side of me instead of having that awful feeling of missing out and that I need to keep up with the Kardashians, the Osbourne’s and every other famous family!!

Surely I can’t be the only one that likes to fully embrace their inner Doris? Here are a few signs that means you’re probably getting there:

♥ Your ideal gift is something cosy, a nice pair of fluffy socks, some slippers, a dressing gown maybe? Even a slanket!

♥ You regularly consider taking up knitting (or you already knit)

♥ Having a bath is a real special occasion – your whole night is booked up. Face masks are out, body scrubs, butters, lotions and every sort of bath bomb, fizzers and bubble wands are on the go to mark the occasion

♥ You celebrate when your friends cancel plans, as it saves you having to make up an excuse not to go

♥ Bedtime is anywhere between 8pm and 9pm, 10pm is a late night!

♥ You thoroughly research every single purchase before you buy it – whether it’s a kitchen appliance or a new duvet, you’re on review forums for a second opinion

♥ You watch property shows on TV – can’t beat a bit of Grand Designs!

♥ Your pyjamas are on within five seconds of coming home from work

♥ Antique shops and up-cycling has becoming your fave pass time

♥ Comfort food is top of the menu! We all wanna be healthy and have a salad, but deep down homemade mac and cheese is where it’s at!

♥ No matter what you do, or what time of year it is, you’re always cold. You need to bring a jacket everywhere you go, and you insist that everyone else does the same

♥ You get a thrill from buying nice home accessories, and even spend your free time looking up homeware online

♥ You love baking and making everyone try some! – The British Bake Off is your highlight of the year (it is mine anyway!)

♥ Lastly – NAPS! The more frequent the better

If you do at least 10 of these things, then I’m sorry hun, but you’re a total grandma!

Definitely something to be proud of! Theres nothing better than staying in with some TV or a book. In fact “cosy” and “practical” are some of my favourite words!

Ok sometimes I do feel a bit old before my time, but it’s just who I am – I will always choose an early night over staying out.

What about you guys? Are you a little older deep down than you thought?

See you next time!

Love Charlie x

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11 thoughts on “Signs You’re Actually A Twenty Something Grandma

  1. I love getting into my pyjamas when I get home from work, there’s no point putting clothes on for a few hours and having to change again later 😛 I’d love to say I’m a good baker but I do enjoy watching the Great British Bake Off 🙂

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