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ITโ€™S A BOY!! ๐Ÿ’™

Hey lovelies,

So if you’ve seen my social media – you’ll have seen that Myles and I are expecting a little boy!

I’m I’m still in shock that we’re having a little boy as our first born! I was really crossing my fingers for a little girl to dress up and have the mumma-daughter relationship that me and my mum have. However, I’m absolutely over the moon to be having a little boy and so thrilled for Myles too as he really wanted us to have a boy to carry on his family name.

The sonographer was so lovely and really made finding out the gender a special occasion. Looking at the scan photos, he has such a cute little button nose and still crosses his feet at his ankles, just as he did in the first scan – and just as his mummy does each night on the sofa!

I honestly feel so overwhelmed knowing that I’m going to be raising a loving little mummy’s boy. I can’t wait to meet him already and hold him close.

Oliver Charles Parker

We’ve had his full name picked out from way before we were even trying. I love that we can call him Ollie for short and Oliver is more suiting for when he is older. The name has so much meaning to us, I especially love that it includes and ties in my stepdad, who’s middle name is Oliver. My first cat was also little Olly, who I was absolutely besotted with, just as any young girl would be with her first real pet.

I’m so excited to get back home from Cyprus and start shopping for his clothes! I’m not really a fan of the colour blue, but there are so many beautiful grey, charcoal and ochre colours in at the moment.

I can’t wait to see how beautiful he is and raise him with Myles to be a kind, loving young gentleman.

Thank you again to everyone who has congratulated us and kept up to date with my pregnancy through my posts ๐Ÿ’™

See you next time,

Love Charlie x

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