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My Top 10 Carry On Essentials

Hey lovelies,

We’ve not long come back from our babymoon in Cyprus, so I thought I’d do a post or two relating to going on holiday abroad.

So many people I know are going away soon, so I thought I would share my top 10 items that you should be packing in your carry on bag for your flight. All of these items are a must for me and really help to make the journey an easy relaxing one. I don’t think anyone really loves flying, I always try to ensure that I have everything I need in my carry on to make the flight as comfortable as possible. I’ve been on some long-ass flights too! Thankfully Cyprus is only four and a half hours away.

First of all, and most obviously, you need a decent sized bag that works for you. Many airlines have their own dimensions for a carry-on bag, however the most standard size is 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), including handles and wheels.

I usually use my trusty Abercrombie and Fitch canvas duffel bag. It’s not too big, yet can fit in everything I need for my travels.

1. Headphones | It is definitely important to have a good pair of headphones. I am happy to use the standard Apple earphones that came with my iPhone. However, I am told that the over-ear ones will block out majority of the outside noise, which is perfect for when you want to watch a movie and block out noisy people talking.

2. Reading Material | Without a doubt having some form of reading material whilst flying is a MUST. I can’t fly without packing at least two books for the flight! If you don’t want to load your bag with heavy books, you can always use iBooks on your iPhone or iPad, or download a few books on your Kindle. I personally don’t like reading from a screen, so a book or too are essential for me, I can pass hours in what feels like minutes when reading. If you’re not into reading books, you can always pop a few magazines of your interest in your bag to pass the time. My holiday read this time around was Ruth Hogan’s – The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes, find yours here.

3. Moisturiser | It is no myth that flying is not great for your skin. I suffer with dry/combination skin at the best of times and often leave a flight resembling a shedding reptile. I find that bringing some sort of refreshing mist or hydrating moisturiser with me helps to give my skin a boost, especially on long haul flights. Multipurpose products are awesome for this, I recently came across Dr Paw Paw multipurpose soothing balm. It is a fabulous balm that provides relief for dry irritated skin, moisturises your lips, nails and cuticles, soothes cracked skin such as on your hands, elbows and heels and can also be used to add finishing touches to your hair, on insect bites and on minor scratches or cuts. I don’t know how I left home without this stuff before. It is a must for carry on bags! Find yours here!

4. Hand Sanitising Gel | As a bit of a germaphobe and knowing that planes are very rarely cleaned, I always make sure I pack a tube of hand sanitiser. Did you know that people are far more likely (113 times more, by one of the study’s measures) to catch the common cold during a flight than normal ground transmission, this is not only due to the cabin air humidity but also the bacteria lurking about! Some of the dirtiest places on a plane include the food tray table that folds down right in your lap, the air conditioning vents, seatbelt buckles and of course the restrooms. Sometimes I even clean my tray with hand sanitiser before using it, it may seem extreme, but as I seem to be someone with a shitty immune system and that usually catches every illness going – it’s not worth the risk, especially if you’re eating from it!

5. Portable Powerbank/Charger | If you are like me, then you will use your phone an awful lot at the airport and during the flight. I am often taking many photos, writing blog posts or scrolling through social media on my phone, meaning battery life diminishes fairly quickly. It is always handy to have an extra source of power for charging whilst on the plane or travelling between destinations. I got my little Innergie powerbank for about £70 at the airport, but I know many people who have purchased theirs from Amazon for half the price!

7. Sweets/mints | An odd one I know, but I always get blocked ears when flying, especially when taking off and landing. So I do like to have some mints, hard boiled or chewy sweets handy to suck on whilst flying. I can’t stand the feeling of my ears popping! Mints also come in handy if you want to freshen up your breathe before disembarking the aircraft. Failing that, I always buy a bottle of water as swallowing during the ascent and descent when flying can prevent your ears from popping so much.

8. Travel Make Up | This time I didn’t bother, but usually I have a little make up bag with a few essential products in to touch up during the flight. There are multiple reasons why packing your make up can could come in handy, for example:

  • your suitcase could get lost so you may go without any for a few days
  • you may want to redo your makeup whilst on the flight
  • you may be on a long haul flight and want to apply a fresh face before landing after wearing no makeup for the whole flight
  • you can touch up your face if your make up has slipped during flight

9. Socks | I don’t know about you, but I always find that I get really cold during flights. I always regret my decision of wearing flip flops as soon as I step onto the plane! I usually pack a nice pair of clean fluffy socks in my carry on to avoid icy toes and make sure my flight is as comfortable as possible.

10. Travel Documents | This might sound like an obvious thing to pack, but soooo many people I know go on holiday and leave their details at home. Make sure to pack the obvious you need your  boarding passes and passports especially! I always make sure to pack the travel insurance documents – so you know exactly what you are covered for, all your holiday details e.g. what you’ve booked and paid for, hotel details, flight details, transfers, etc. This time I also made sure to pack my maternity notes, many airlines wont let pregnant women fly after a certain amount of weeks, I took mine for proof of weeks and in case anything went wrong and I’d have to go to hospital abroad. I know so many people who have been abroad without their travel insurance documents and they have no clue if they can claim or not whilst they are there, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

What are your top 10 items to have in your carry on?

Let me know!

Love Charlie x

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