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NEW | Lush Cinders Shower Gel

Hey Lovelies,

I hate to say it so early, but lets be real. Christmas is around the corner, with only 58 days to go until the big day, it’s no wonder that so many retail stores are stocking up with gifts and limited edition Christmas products.

One store I always look forward to visiting this time of year is LUSH! I have been a fan of the products for a few years now and always eagerly await the arrival of their Snow Fairy shower gel. However, this year something a little different caught my eye, I strayed away from the pink glitter of Snow Fairy and straight towards the new Cinders shower gel!


I actually love this stuff! I think Cinders is probably one of, if not the most special releases this Christmas for a couple of reasons.

Obviously, Lush went on their bottled gel ban at the beginning of the year, so we haven’t had new gels since last Christmas. Also, it’s not often Lush bring out spicy fragrances, especially in shower gel form, so I was quick to grab the largest 520ml bottle as soon as I saw the ingredients list!

There is quite a glorious rich mixture of ingredients in this little beauty; including sweet orange, almond, cinnamon, pumpkin seed oil, kaolin, maple syrup, nutmeg powder, ginger powder, allspice powder and clove powder. I was actually convinced this was an autumn gel and not part of the Christmas limited edition specials.

I absolutely love this scent, it’s a beautiful sweet orange smell with hints of almond and maple, it’s fresh and warming all at the same time. You do get some of the spice coming through but it’s very subtle compared to what I had in mind when purchasing this. What’s interesting is that the scent does change slightly when once you get it out of the bottle and lather it up, you sort of wake up the spices a little bit. The orange scent carries the whole thing, but the almond takes more of a back seat and allows the spicier notes come through- especially the ginger and clove.

img_9780Although not what I was expecting, I really do love this scent and it’s definitely been added to my faves list! My skin still smelt of this wonderful stuff even after drying off!

It’s not only the smell that I love about this gel, but the feeling it gives my skin. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I have pretty dry skin and have to be careful with products, as I struggle with eczema that can often get very angry and aggravated if I use the wrong products. Cinders leaves my skin gorgeously soft and I’m sure this is due to the abundance of skin-friendly ingredients. The sea salt and pumpkin seed oil are fantastic for softening the skin. The maple syrup actually traps moisture under the skin, which does a brilliant job to keep it plump and hydrated.


Kaolin is also upon the ingredients list, something that is usually used in Lush face masks rather than their shower gels as it is used to cleanse and exfoliate debris and skin cells on the surface of the skin by absorbing excess oil and water into itself, as well as making a paste when mixed with water that has a texture. Therefore this is fantastic for those who want a really deep cleanse and to feel ultra clean!

Just when you think they couldn’t pack any more skin loving ingredients in to the bottle, it also contains one of my favourite ingredients – aloe vera! Aloe is a soothing, mild anti-inflammatory which is fantastic for calming sore and angry skin. Also, it is very good on sunburn, so if you’ve planned a winter sun holiday – you might want to pack a bottle of this.

img_9815The gel itself is an amazing vivid orange colour, it immediately caught my eye and not only looked seasonal, but fun too! It’s just as bright in the shower and lathers wonderfully into cute, orange foam bubbles. I love that it is a thick, creamy, jelly-like texture without being too heavy and hard to rub in. It definitely makes me time feel like more of a treat time. I also adore the fact that it is a play on Cinderella’s pumpkin coach – a classic Christmas pantomime!

Overall, I really love this shower gel, I’m obsessed with the scent and I think it fills in a gap at Lush for those who are missing warming, spicy, sweet fragrances. Have you tried Cinders yet?

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Thanks for reading ♡

Love Charlie x

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