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6 Things That Become More Difficult With A Baby Bump

Hey lovelies,

So before becoming pregnant, I was completely naive and convinced that I’d get on with life as normal, in my little pregnancy bubble, feeling all glowy and lovely and amazed that I’m growing a tiny human.

Don’t get me wrong, I am amazed. But there has been no glow, no magical moment, just sickness and back ache, followed by getting fat and not being able to do the simplest of tasks.

Anyway, my point is, I didn’t really think I’d find life too difficult with a baby bump. I figured I’d just be able to crack on as normal. Dear lord, how wrong was I.

I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant, which equals about 6 and a half months! The next 11 weeks will absolutely fly by and honestly, I’m petrified!

My not so little baby bump is really coming along now, and I often catch sight of myself in the mirror and wonder who on earth that person is looking back. In fact, I feel massive and everyone is so kind to constantly tell me how huge I am…

*not a great idea when this person is already highly body conscious, thank you very much*

I used to roll my eyes a little when people used to moan about being pregnant. After watching my parents struggle to conceive, I was in a position where I didn’t know whether my future would include my own children, so I would often think “ oh shut up and just be grateful you’re bloody pregnant”. I think karma has probably kicked my butt to show me a lesson, because damn girl, this is hard work! 

However, don’t take this list as me not being hugely grateful. I love that I get to experience all of these things, as it means it’s actually happening! But omg… this baby bump has brought me some struggles recently.

Putting On Shoes

I genuinely thought this little cliche of struggling to put your shoes on was a load of baloney. Well let me tell you honey buns, it is soooo real. It seems that each day has got more and more difficult. Not only is there a bowling ball in the way of you and your feet, but your feet and ankles have suddenly become a lot wider and shoes that fit one week will probably start to feel tight the next! The same goes for painting toe nails, putting socks on, basically anything that involves getting anywhere near your own feet is near impossible now – this is where slip on, comfy shoes are most definitely needed. That or a very helpful boyfriend!


Getting Dressed

Not only is it so hard to find things that actually fit you in your own wardrobe. You now have to experience the hideous task that is trying on clothes in retail changing rooms. They are bad enough as it is, without the struggle against your own center of gravity, and the fact that you can’t quite reach everything like you once could. I practically had a panic attack when trying to peel a pair of super skinny maternity jeans off my body in one stores tiny changing room!


I’ve always struggled a bit with my sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sleep. But I always seem to struggle falling asleep, then staying asleep, then waking up… When I first fell pregnant I was absolutely exhausted. Not only from the massive rage of hormones building up in my body, but from constant throwing up, lack of nutrition (I lived off mayonnaise sandwiches for a while) and working ten hours each day. I napped constantly, I could fall asleep in seconds and I honestly had the best nights sleep ever for the first few months.

Fast forward to six months in: I can’t get comfy at all, my hips ache constantly, my back seizes up all the time and when I finally get myself off to sleep… I wake up needing to pee.


So I used to be a pretty fast walker until my bump started getting bigger. When I’m out and about shopping or nipping out of work on my lunch, it’s no longer a simple task. Within minutes, I’m out of breath and I’ve even started to notice that the more tired I get, the more I have started to waddle! My baby is lying very low, so the pressure on my bladder and hips sometimes gets a little too much, especially when I have a full bladder. Although I can really say that shopping has become my cardio, as trying to walk around a shopping centre all day is hard work!

Getting Up Off The Sofa

Or out of bed, off the floor, I mean getting up from any situation that involves standing from a sitting position really…

It has become entirely necessary to swing my legs up and down, with much more energy than I usually have, until momentum gets my butt to lift! Either that, or shuffling ever so slightly to the edge (complete with grunting noises) for a while before being able to get up. These days I tend to beg Myles until he gives in and receives a full body workout as he lifts me up from wherever I am. Hehe, thanks treacle!



I’m a bit of clean freak and it annoys me soooo much when I can’t bend to reach a spot, lift something or use certain products thanks to the fumes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Mrs Hinch, but I hate knowing that there is something on my mental cleaning rota that I haven’t done that day. I’ll often have huge random bursts of energy where I’m desperate to clean every inch of the house, only to end up sitting amongst piles of “stuff” I haven’t had the energy to get up and put in the right place.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby bump, stretch marks and all. I’ve actually never been so comfortable about showing my body. I don’t have to suck it all in, my boobs and butt have grown… It’s actually pretty nice not hiding myself from Myles every time I try to get changed.

I just love chilling out in the evening and feeling him wriggle around and watching my belly jiggle as he does. Plus, I kinda love annoying Myles with whatever it is I can’t do today because the baby bump is making me too heavy.

It’s so funny how all these little cliche’s suddenly become your actual life when you find yourself growing a small human.

Did you love having a baby bump, or were you desperate for your baby to arrive and your body to go back to normal? I’m a little bit of both, but it seems like every mumma I’ve spoken to felt the same way.

What did you find most difficult to do with a growing baby bump?

Thanks for reading ♡

Love Charlie x

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