Pairfum Natural Reed Diffuser | Product Review

Hey honey buns,

Like most people, I love our home to smell clean and fresh, I bulk buy anything that promises a long lasting fragrance. Whether that’s disinfectant, air fresheners, candles or room sprays – if my nose loves it, it’s in the house!

Last week I was kindly gifted a gorgeous natural reed diffuser from Pairfum London in the Bergamot and White Tea scent. A fresh, citrusy fragrance that isn’t too heavy or spicy. I was surprised at how large the box was and loved the luxurious black and gold packaging – my instant thought was “what a great Christmas present”. I’ve never really had reed diffusers in the house before, I don’t know why either as they are perfect for people who enjoy a nice smelling room!

Pairfum’s luxury reed diffusers are designed to infuse your room with evocative couture perfumes. They’re simple to use, just open and display to envelope yourself and your home with a beautiful fragrance. I have popped mine in our hallway, as I love walking I’m from work to a lovely, refreshing fragrance.acs_0279

I honestly love the smell of the bergamot and white tea diffuser, it’s strong enough to be smelt all through our hallway and landing, yet it’s not overpowering and sickly. They’re actually built to fragrance your home for 3 – 5 months, much longer lasting than average scented oils for reed diffusers!

The glass bottle itself is a really classy design and would fit in with most interiors. The chrome neck and glass perfume bottle is simple yet elegant and sits proudly on display in our home.

One of the unique selling points of this reed diffuser is that the fragrance is composed of natural and organic essential oils that are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-carcinogenic. The natural carrier oil is also non-VOC which means it contains no solvents that attack the lungs or the environment. Pairfum also claims that they’re fully biodegradable.

Overall, although it’s only been a week, I believe that this diffuser will last a good few months, as promised. It’s a well made product that not only does the job, but looks lovely doing so, all for just £25. I love the fact that the product is handmade by artisans in the UK and that it is health and environmentally conscious.

Pairfum also offers a variety of other fragrances ranging from Orangerie Blossoms to Linen and Lavender. They all sound absolutely delightful, I’m looking forward to trying out a different scent next time too, maybe Rich Spices for Christmas! Get yours here!

Thanks for reading,

Love Charlie x

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