Aldi Beauty Dupe Series | Lacura Aloha Bronzer

Hello lovelies!

As you may have heard, supermarket Aldi have released new makeup dupes within their Lacura beauty range. With prices starting as low as £2.29, Aldi have managed to get away with copying high end, iconic makeup brands for a fraction of the price.

I have tried and tested a few of these products and decided to create an Aldi Beauty Dupe Series. Where I will be posting a new product dupe review every day to show you the verdict.

The first product that caught my eye was the Lacura Aloha Bronzer, a very obvious copy of Benefit Cosmetics’s Hoola Bronzer – a staple in my makeup bag!

The Aloha Bronzer comes in a very similar tropical box design along with a mini powder brush. It retails for a decent price of £5.99, a lot cheaper than the Hoola Bronzer at £25.50.

In terms of colour, the Aloha Bronzer is a nice summer tan shade. It seems to have less of a red tone to it than Hoola, which does benefit those with a paler skin tone.

Although I found that Aloha is not very pigmented, making it difficult to build up the product, meaning it gives a less intense summer glow than the Benefit equivalent. It also takes a lot more effort to blend in evenly, I found I had to really work to make it seem more natural and less brown smudge.

If you don’t compare Aloha to Hoola and just review the bronzer as it is, then this product is a fairly decent bronzer to keep in your makeup bag. So if you are on a budget or looking for a cheap bronzer in cute packaging, then you wont go far wrong with this. It does the job and creates a summer glow upon your cheeks, just as it promises.

My main issue with these dupes is that Aldi’s Lacura brand actually stands out on its own as being really good quality. So I’m not really sure why they feel the need to do these highly obvious copies, unless it’s just for the fun of the hype.

Overall, the products do a pretty similar job and are perfect to use during winter months when you are missing your summer tan. However, I think if you prefer a bit more depth, you should definitely stick to Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer. I found that Hoola lasts a lot longer and takes less effort to look good!

Have you tried the Lacura  Aloha Bronzer yet? How do you find it compares to Hoola?

See you in the next post,

Love Charlie x

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